September 5, 2022

10 Reasons Kyokushin is the Most Effective Karate

While movies like Godfather and The Fight Club took the world by storm, Karate Kid is the one that deftly found its way into people’s hearts and has remained adamant on not giving up its place any time soon! Who has never once wished to be the ‘karate kid’, draped in a white gown with a belt tied around their gut while they deliver a clean smash onto a wooden plank? If your answer is yes, you either live under a rock or your honesty is highly questionable!

If you are a keen practitioner of Kyokusin karate style, you might just be the next karate kid or maybe even better! As reflected by its name, Kyokushin karate leads you to your ‘Ultimate Truth’ with its ability to overshadow almost every other style that exists. If you are at sixes and sevens as to which karate style can make you most ripped and indestructible, you have landed exactly where you need to be! Stay tuned to get to know the top ten reasons why Kyokushin Karate is the strongest of them all.

1. Kyokushin will definitely toughen you up!

You can never rank one karate style over the other in absolute terms – there exists no calculator for that! All karate styles enrich you with profound technical skills. I mean, isn’t that why you choose to learn karate in the first place, right?

While these technical skills may vary from one style to another, all of them stand out in their own way. The question that might instantly surface is: why does one of the fighters drain out and potentially lose while the other stands his/her ground when both of them possess equally outstanding skills? This is because in the end, it all comes down to a person’s body conditioning, the strength of which can and is calculated in MMA very frequently.

This is where Kyokushin takes the lead! With those knuckle pushups on concrete, the drive for a true grind, the forbearance for the overwhelming amount of pain and the stinging muscles as you struggle for air, you do not leave without sweat dripping from your clothes! The rigorous conditioning of Kyokushin sets it apart and makes you stronger.

karate trainer tying belt

2. Kyokushin challenges you

Kyokushin demands a get-up-and-go attitude, not paying heed to victory but leaping way beyond that. It is about exerting your all and pushing yourself. The fighters are placed in a mould from day one, shaping not only their bodies but their minds. We all are very well aware: there is no winning a fight if your mind and body both are not trained well!

The practice does not belittle your drill by demanding that you compete with someone else, instead challenges you to compete with yourself every single day. You alone are responsible for your progress, you alone account for the pain and you alone decide to call it a day!


This may not sound in the favor of those who practice Kyokushin but it is, more than you know! Landing punches without gloves is definitely painful but in the long run, it helps you outdo your opponent. Without the shield of the gloves, you learn how to frame your fists and effectively deliver a punch. So, if you find yourself in a street fight where your opponent does not practice Kyokushin, there are high chances you will get away with your hand unscathed.

The same goes for shin guards! The potential of the legs to endure pain increases tenfold, giving you the upper hand in a fight. You will punch and kick with all that tanked up steam and you will be startled to know how little pain you feel! 

4. Those nasty blows are actually making you more sturdy!

Kyokushin calls for hardcore resistance therefore, it has welcomed sparring as a norm! Mind you! The kind of sparring Kyokushin entails is uncompromising to say the least. With the exclusion that does not allow punches to the head, sparring is focused on the other parts of the body that will be pummeled mercilessly. The added ‘no gloves’ rule makes the blows even more fierce. 

All this might sound appalling but there is a silver lining to it. All that thrashing is what makes the body tough, enduring and resistant to blows. A Kyokushin fighter will generally have a skyrocketing pain tolerance! How is this not enough to sway you into believing that Kyokushin is indeed the strongest style that exists?

5. Kyokushin will even make you work up-close

Kyokushin fighters are trained to effortlessly fight from a close distance using both the hands and the feet. This makes their punching technique exemplary by surging power to their punches. A very common technique among these fighters is to slide a little off-angle and then deliver body shots followed by a harsh kick. The kicks are usually veiled behind the stream of punches.The opponent will have no clue what got to him/her before he/she is out!

Close distance fighting has another winning point. Up close, where you can truly sense the adrenaline exuding out of your opponent, where you can take a deeper look into his/her eyes and sense his/her vibe, intimidation gives you control of the leash and you can lead your opponent right out of his/her comfort zone!

6. Go in with all you have!

In Kyokushin, the entire body is exposed excluding the head. It believes in contacting ‘head on’, except without the head! The greater the exposed area, the more vulnerable you are to a strike. Kyokushin has your back with its vigorous training along with ample of tips and tricks that help you form an invisible armor that shields the exposed body from blows! No matter what ring you are placed in, you will be able to stand your ground.

This is where sparring jumps in to prepare you! Sparring usually entertains medium to hard contact for you to always stay a few steps ahead of your opponent. This is because competitions welcome full contact. The legs come in a lot of play for some knee strikes and kicks.

7. Kyokushin is not a points game!

It’s either my way or the highway! You either batter your opponent completely and put him/her down and win the game or lose no matter how many times you thrashed onto your opponent. The fighters don’t gain points for their strikes but a clean triumph from a successful knock down.

8. Tameshiwari

If the fight does not result in a clear win, fighters are tested on Tameshiwari i.e. the smashing of solid objects such as wood, ice and concrete. Kyokushin trains its fighters to all extents including Tameshiwari and before a fight even begins, the fighter feels himself closer to the ribbon at the end of a marathon!

Also, it depicts the expertise with which a Kyokushin fighter is trained. He/she is not taught to set his/her eyes on winning, but is skilled to deliver every blow, every kick and every shove in a way that it is remembered. Such a motto outreaches all victories, delivering a fighter the world has never seen!

2 men attacking each other with Karate

9. Back to back Kumite

Kyokushin pushes its fighters to give in all that they have. It organizes back to back full contact sparring matches with a variety of opponents so that when faced with an opponent picked from anywhere in the world, the Kyokushin fighters never needs to duck but go on direct offense mode. Such a practice solidifies the fighter’s stamina and resistance. These fights can go up to 50 or more in a row!

10. Kyokushin might make you a ‘street fight’ pro!

A street fight requires you to not only blow but take harsh hits – there are no rules, no boundaries! The Kyokushin rule of fighting with bare knuckles prepares its fighters well beforehand to defend themselves against a street fight. Their well-conditioned and highly resistant ripped bodies take hits without faltering. In Kyokushin, if you show even a glimpse of pain you lose. These fighters are therefore well-equipped to deal with street fights without backing down as long as their opponent does not succumb.


All this is only the gist of what Kyokushin Karate entails. There is so much more to this carefully crafted karate style for you to explore! However, there is one factor that may not catch the common eye when researching distinct karate styles and the chances of you coming across this factor on the internet are pretty slim.

It is about building a stronger community, about taking one baby step everyday but taking it together because Kyokushin is all about the team. In Kyokushin, you endure the pain together and hold on to one another. Most importantly, it is the legends who lead that are the first to welcome the pain, as they say: ‘Follow my every step and do as I say, inhale when I inhale and exhale when I exhale, and grow as I grow because we will become stronger together!’


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