September 5, 2022

How to Win a Street Fight

For a hot-headed youngster, especially an MMA patron, indulging in a street brawl seems enticing. We should always try to diffuse a heated situation with words. But, if you do get into an unavoidable situation, you must know how to win a street fight. Using physical means shouldn’t be the first idea that pops in your mind during a problem, especially on the street. But, if the situation goes beyond your control, then you have to defend yourself and your honor without getting seriously injured.

But first things first! You should only concentrate on defending yourself, and not to harm anybody unnecessarily by any means. But to adequately protect yourself, you need to understand some basic street fight rules to win it and stay safe. If you are familiar with fundamental martial arts techniques, then it can be a win-win situation for you. Besides, knowing any type of martial art will also boost your confidence and self-defense abilities. And now, let’s concentrate on the steps:

two young men in a street fight

Stay safe and talk

It is not always in our hands to control a fight or avoid it with any other means. But, if you face a situation where things escalate quickly, then you should first try to talk to your opponent and calm him down. You should also remember that an apology can go a long way. So, don’t hesitate to do it if you think that you unintentionally offended him.

Always remember – your first goal should be to avoid fighting at all. Try to talk and diffuse the situation. But, you should also maintain confidence in your body language. Don’t show any nervousness, as a weak body language can go against you. But, if you think it is not helping you and you will soon get in to fight, then avoid fighting on hard sideways, concrete steps, and in the middle of a street.

Stay relaxed and focused

Any martial art sensei will tell you that the more relaxed you are, the harder and more precise you can hit. You can also make yourself less susceptible to injury just by relaxing and breathing deeply. So, you need to breathe through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Deep breathing will send more oxygen to your muscles and brain, while short breaths will tire you pretty fast. Besides, if you are heavily stressed, then you will experience fatigue faster. Learning Karate can be a big advantage for this.

Maintain your balance

There are two stances that will give you the best balance. The first stance, i.e., Orthodox, is where you can stand with the left foot first; and, the second stance is known as Southpaw, in which you stand with the right foot first. But, whatever position you take, you need to keep in mind that your rear foot should be at a 45-degree angle. Besides, both of your feet should be spread nearly to your shoulder width. You should always bend your knees a bit to ensure that your feet are not rigid. Always remember that maintaining a good balance is your first priority.

Go for the first punch

Yes, you heard it right. Sometimes, offense is the best defense. So, if you think that the situation is entirely out of your control and will soon escalate into a street fight, then don’t hesitate and go for the first attack. It will give you the best advantage, as you can buy some time even before your opponent can react. Besides, if you can land a good punch in a soft place of your opponent, that can knock him down instantly. But, even if you can’t land a clean one, the first punch will give you enough time to throw a few more.

Target the soft sports

You need to understand that there are a few spots in your body that are more susceptible to injury than the rest. Face, solar plexus, throat, temples, and kidneys are the soft spots in the human body. So, target these for maximum impact. You can also target the eye, especially if your opponent is bigger than you. Go for a sudden action of eye-gouging, followed by a good blow in the throat. Your opponent will go numb for some time due to these moves. And then bang! Hit the nose as hard as you can! Hitting the nose area will cause maximum pain and will also blur the eye of your opponent.

Target the legs

Legs are the areas where you can strike to make your opponent fall. But, don’t aim higher than the waist as your opponent can then grab your legs. You should target ankles, calves, knee, and groins with low kicks. Kick sharply and punch hard, like you would do a door to open it by using the bottom and the heel regions of your foot. You can also target their kneecaps and the whole abdominal region to cause maximum pain. If you can land a proper kick in any of these areas, then it will easily buy you enough time to just run.

Head butt with full strength

The forehead portion is one of the toughest sections in our body. So, if you attack the opponent with a full head butt, exerting full force and targeting the areas around his nose, eyes, and lips, it will cripple your opponent. But do remember that you should also tuck in your chin and only strike with the top portion of your forehead to create maximum impact.

Grapple your opponent

There are several effective grapple styles from Brazilian jiu-jitsu, wrestling, MMA, and sambo that can put you in complete control even if your opponent is bigger and stronger than you. You need to learn how to slam and choke your opponent by these grappling techniques. A good grapple will not only give you positional control but will also make your opponent immobile.

Get a hard object

You need to understand the laws of ‘reasonable force’. It says that you have the right to use as much force as required to defend yourself and to keep yourself safe from any attacker. Remember that in any fight, saving your own life is your first priority. So, take whatever comes handy for you in that vicinity. Go for a bat, stick, broom handle, or even trash can and can covers. 

Be as loud as possible

While in a fight and striking your opponent, shout as loudly as possible. That will not only intimidate your opponent but will also catch the attention of nearby people. Besides, shouting will also distract the opponent that will give you a time window to land a hard punch in his face.


So, these are the steps that you should take to win any street fights, even if the opponent is stronger and heavier than you. But do remember that these are only defensive moves that you should fall back on as a last resort against an indomitable opponent; you should not use any of these techniques to make an attack.

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