September 4, 2022

How To Overcome Fear In A Fight?

Fight or Flight!

These are the two sides to any situation that has come down to a fight, literally. While you are facing this decision, you can acknowledge a feeling of fear within you. It is perfectly normal to feel scared when you have an opponent, ready to begin the first round. 

But how can you overcome this feeling of fear? To understand the solution, let’s look a little into the problem first. 

What is the fear?

Fear is an instinctual response to a perceived threat that leads us to wish for a hiding spot. Fear makes us feel weak and lose confidence in spades. This is a feeling that any man or woman may feel on a regular day for any reason, big or small. 

What you feel is your heart pumping at an alarming rate and sweat running down your face. You may even feel dryness on your tongue. Everyone has a different way of experiencing fear. This is part of human nature that elicits a response to any threat. 

What kind of fears you may face during a fight?

There are a few things that can make you scared in any fight before you can begin.

Questioning your fighting capabilities

When you are stepping in the ring, you are usually prepared. But, if you have low confidence and looking at the opponent you feel unprepared, then your instincts might be right.

Poor results in previous fights

Everyone faces a stage where they might have lost a fight before. So, if your last fight was indeed the one you lost, you might not feel confident about winning this one. 


No matter where you stand, you have at least once faced a situation where you have felt cocky and overconfident. But that was what led you to a failure. Therefore, remembering such a situation can also lead you to develop fear.

Lack of fighting experience

If you are facing your first opponent, and this is indeed your first fight, then fear is natural. This needs a dose of self-confidence in yourself. 

Being emotionally sensitive

There might be some men or women who feel sensitive about hurting another human being. This kind of emotional sensitivity can be the downfall because your opponent might just be insensitive. This causes genuine fear.

Side view of men having quarrel in pub fighting at counter with broken beer glass

How can this fear be overcome?

Knowing what fear is can help you understand the situation and cope with it better. Since now you are well aware of the concept and situation behind fear, you can know how to overcome it.

The first step to improve your confidence and overcome fear is to train harder. The better you train the stronger you become mentally and physically. This will also enable you to become comfortable with the help of mock fight sessions. So, it is better to join a professional fighting trainer for controlled fight situations. The trainers will be able to teach you things from their own experience and prepare you better. 

Let’s look at some of the other things that can help out.

  1. When you have an opponent in front of you, try to take a little time to digest the situation you are in. Try to build familiarity with the audience and process the fact that you are indeed about to fight. Provided it is not a street fight you are in, this will always be an option.
  1. When you start to feel anxiety and your heart rate goes up at an alarming rate, close your eyes. Take deep breaths and try to lower your heart rate. This will help you think with a clearer mind and take intelligent steps into the fight instead of reckless.
  1. The most important thing to do at the time when you enter the ring is to face the situation head-on. Forget your inhibitions, forego all doubts and stand tall. Take whatever comes your way in stride and do your best. You will ultimately be proud that you at least gave your best and got done with it.
  1. You should always be ready to do what you are about to do. All your training, your efforts, and your preparations should not go to waste. This kind of mental decision can make you confident and enable you to stand your ground.

This above is what you can call an antivenom to the venom named fear. Following these can help you win over your fear and truly proceed to the fight instead of choosing a flight. But what about when you get the first punch aimed towards you? There is a fair chance that your pep talk can quickly be lost and your fear might come rushing back.

Well, in that case, you must practice endurance while training. Spar as often as you can with a professional trainer and you can overcome the fear of facing the blows effectively.

Is self-confidence the key?

Self-confidence truly is the key to taking a step forward. If you are lacking this ingredient then you are setting yourself up for failure. Though there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence, it should be kept separated. 

To gain and retain confidence, believe in yourself, learn something new, destroy any negative thoughts and act positively. Acting positively is not only inculcated but it’s an art of faking as well. If you show confidence by standing tall, adapting an offensive stance and maintaining eye contact, you can fool your opponent into losing their confidence. Hence, it is a benefit for you as you can overcome hidden fear through this as well. 

Therefore, you can follow the above ideas and steps to channel your fear and convert it to make it your strength. This will help you to step into the ring like you own it making your opponent second guess themselves. This will open gates of success for you. So, keep working hard, training harder, and learning more. You will get over your fear in no time at all.

Are you feeling geared up to take up your next fight?

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