September 5, 2022

How to Properly Break in Boxing Gloves?

When buying boxing gloves, you need to make sure to properly break in, so that you don’t get hurt and can use it comfortably in the long run.

In order to break in new boxing gloves, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. To properly break in boxing gloves, first squeeze and press down the gloves. Ensure that you do this in a gentle manner. Squeezing and pressing down on the material of the gloves will soften the foam padding on it. Do this on each glove for at least 2 to 3 minutes with both of your hands. Following this, wear the gloves and keep moving your hands around. Additionally, while your gloves are on, stretch your hands a little bit for another 2 to 3 minutes.

Some people also recommend sitting on the pair of boxing gloves. This helps you to apply pressure on the gloves and break them in. However, doing this could potentially damage the wrist area of the boxing glove.

2. Next, you are required to start with some light training either on focus mitts or on a heavy punching bag. It is important to note that you should not apply this step if you are trying to break in a new pair of sparring gloves. This is because hitting a heavy punching bag with sparring gloves can eventually harden the padding on it in the long run. This could even be dangerous, especially if you are using your gloves against other people.

However, if you are trying to break in training gloves, you can easily use them on the punching bag. It is important to put more focus on the volume of the punch. While trying to break in boxing gloves, you should not hit the bag too hard. This is because the gloves are way less protective when they are new as compared to their condition after being used for a few times.

3. The final thing to do to properly break in your boxing gloves is to use long hand-wraps. Longer hand wraps tend to have more fabric and thereby allow the boxer to wrap their hands more. This also provides the boxers with additional protection. Your hands tend to be more at risk and are more vulnerable when the boxing gloves are new, even posing risks of bruises and scratches. By using longer hand wraps, the process of breaking in of the gloves will become easy on the boxer as well.

Additionally, it will help the boxer to stretch their gloves out with the added volume within the glove.

break in new boxing gloves

Things You Should Avoid Doing When Trying To Properly Break In Boxing Gloves

While breaking in your new boxing gloves, avoid doing the following things:

a. It is advisable not to use any moisturiser or leather softener on the boxing glove. This is because most boxing gloves these days are not made up of real leather. Therefore, using a leather softener could instead damage the glove or its stitching.

b. Before breaking in a boxing glove, it is recommended not to hit a hard surface, such as a wall. While professional boxers do this to harden or compress the padding of the boxing glove, doing this is not something required when you are just practicing the art.

c. Avoid squeezing the boxing glove too much since it can affect its durability and even damage the foam padding.

d. It is also recommended to not put the new boxing gloves into the washing machine or the tumble dryer. This not only destroys the shape of the gloves, but also destroys its structure.

e. Avoid putting the boxing glove in a freezer to get rid of the bacteria or smell. Although this thing works, it also automatically extends the break in period of the boxing gloves. This is because the gloves, along with its padding and materials are forced back to their preserving state.

What To Do If I Do Not Want To Break In My Boxing Gloves?

There are many people who wish to avoid breaking in their boxing gloves. For them, the rules that are applied are a bit different.

Leather boxing gloves have been in the market for a long period of time. Moreover, they are considered to be some of the best options for a boxing glove. However, leather boxing gloves tend to be stiff when they are new. Additionally, they also require a substantial amount of time to break in. in saying so, while the leather boxing gloves are the best option for you in terms of quality, there are other synthetic gloves of great quality that are also available in the market. Moreover, they also offer a short break in period, and can be broken in within a single training session.

These gloves tend to have a lot of breathability as well, which is an added advantage. This is because breathability tends to lack in leather boxing gloves. Moreover, leather gloves can make your hands quite uncomfortable when using it for long hours of training.

One of the biggest ways to make sure your boxing glove, whether it is leather or synthetic, is comfortable for you, is by wearing and using the glove on a regular basis. Using the boxing gloves regularly tends to shorten the break in period, as compared to using it once in a while, between long intervals.


In conclusion, it is important to break in your new boxing gloves before using them. This will avoid the risk of your knuckles and hands getting bruised or scratched or even injured in a major way. The only things you need to do is to stretch the gloves as gently as possible, pack a few light punches on a bag and keep stretching the gloves while wearing them at regular intervals. This ensures that your new boxing gloves are nice, comfortable and ready to use for your regular training sessions. Additionally, doing this will also ensure that your boxing gloves last you for a long time without getting withered.

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