September 5, 2022

How Much Do Boxing Gloves Cost?

Boxing gloves are the most important gear for any combat sport. No training institute will train you without gloves. Gloves not only protect your hands but they also give the extra punching power. Every beginner needs a pair of new gloves. Forget about using the old, smelly and wear out gloves from the gym. 

There are uncountable brands. It can be confusing to choose the best gloves at a reasonable price. The price of the gloves can range anywhere from $10 to $500. A glove that ranges around $100 will be the best for beginners. The brand, the material used for making the gloves and types of gloves are some of the factors that determine the cost of the gloves. 

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How does brand influence boxing gloves price?

The brand influences the price of any product in the market, be it boxing gloves or a pair of jogging shoes. Every product under the sun has a direct connection with the brand. That’s why companies spend a huge amount of money on branding and advertising. 

1. Top tier Brands – The best brands in the glove industry are Winning, Grant, and Cleto Reyes. Most of the professionals prefer gloves from these three brands. The price of these branded gloves can be anywhere from $200 to $500. 

These gloves are the most expensive brands in the market. There is a reason why these brands are expensive? It provides the best quality, and the comfort is flawless. The gloves have a wide range of use. You can use it for training, sparring, and even fighting. 

2. Mid-tier Brands – Some mid-tier boxing glove brands are Hayabusa, Ringside and Title Boxing. These brands are decent quality and are good for beginners. The price is also reasonable; it costs around $100 to $150. People new to MMA or any combat sports should start with the mid-range gloves. 

Not only the brand, but the type of sports also influence the price of gloves. If you are into MMA or Muay Thai, the gloves will cost you more than the traditional boxing gloves.  

3. Low Tier Brands – Gloves such as Venum, RDX, and Sanabul make their place at the 3rd place. There are some gloves companies lower in the brand chart than 3rd tier brands. But you should not even look at it. The least you can do is buy low-tier gloves if you can’t afford mid-tier gloves.  

Low tier prices can be anywhere from $30 to $100. Though these gloves don’t have durability, it’s best for beginners who have a fixed budget. The gloves will do its work but you might have to change it within 3-6 months

Most of these top tier and mid-tier glove brands have Velcro straps. Velcro straps gloves are easy to remove and put on. Though Velcro is not allowed in most competitions people still prefer Velcro over shoelace straps.  

Shoelace straps gloves have their own advantages. It could be more lasting and durable than velcro straps gloves. For Velcro gloves, once the stickiness is over you will have to change it. 

Like every product, gloves also have a first-class, second class, and the lowest class brand. Depending on your budget and training you can choose your preferred brand of gloves. 

How does Material Influence price?

The material used for making the product determines the brand. It doesn’t matter how much a company spends on branding and advertising. If the company doesn’t use high-quality material, nobody will be willing to pay the given price. 

Some of the most used gloves materials are leather, synthetic leather, PVC, Nitrile, Latex, Chloroprene, and Cotton. But top tier companies use pure leather to manufacture gloves. 

1. Pure leather – Pure leather extract from cow, pig, and goats are costly. If a company decides to use pure leather, the price increases automatically. Using leather gives the company very few options to lower the costs. When the materials are costly, the final product is also going to be high priced for obvious reasons. 

The gloves made of pure leather have the longest durability. Its stretchability gives the boxer comfortable gripping and better hands movements. Every professional boxer or combat fighter prefers leather gloves. Less breathability is the only problem with leather gloves. 

You will find most of the Muay Thai gloves and MMA gloves are pure leather. These specific sports involve lots of grappling and locking. The gloves need stretchability and what can be more stretchable than leather? 

2. Synthetic leather –  Synthetic leathers are a mixture of non-woven textiles and polyurethane. Synthetic leather is also divided further into different quality levels. 

Most of the people fail to differentiate between top tier synthetic leather with pure leather. If you’re not a leather expert you won’t be able to differentiate between synthetic and pure leather.

Synthetic gloves are also popular among mid-professionals, but it’s not as durable as pure leather. Fighter’s with sweaty hands prefer synthetic gloves over pure gloves because of its breathability. There are tiny pores in the gloves that allow air to pass in. 

Brands like Winning and Grant also use synthetic gloves to manufacture some of their gloves. 

Types of Gloves 

The type of gloves plays a huge role in deciding the cost of the gloves. There are different types of gloves you can buy as per the needs. Each glove has a specific purpose.

  • Bag Gloves – Bag gloves are the first glove you will use in your training. It is also termed as boxing gloves. Depending on the brand and material used you can find bag gloves ranging anywhere from $50 to $500. Bag gloves provide enough padding for punching bags. This type of gloves is great to avoid wrist injuries. 
  • Training and Fitness Gloves – This is the most common gloves you will find at the gym.  It’s made for training and fitness. While choosing training gloves you should take your hand size into consideration, make sure you choose the size that fits your hands. 

If you want to build muscle boxing you’ll need heavier gloves. The glove weight over 14oz is best for muscle building. 

  • Personal Training Gloves – This type of gloves is for trainers. If you are a trainer and working with elite clients. You’ll want to choose gloves that are safe and comfortable for your clients. 
  • Professional Gloves – If you are not planning for competitions don’t bother buying this type of gloves. These gloves are specifically made for competition purposes. Its design is sharp to give a knockout punch. 

Professional gloves shouldn’t be for everyday training. Most of these gloves are lace-up. Most of the competition doesn’t allow Velcro boxing gloves. 

  • Muay Thai Gloves – Boxing and Muay Thai are two completely different sports. Though you can use boxing gloves for Muay Thai training as a beginner, but as you level up you’ll need Muay Thai gloves to be versatile with punching moves.

This glove has a lot more flexibility in the grip. With Muay Thai gloves it gets easier to catch the kick of your opponents. 

  • MMA Gloves – These gloves are specially designed for MMA. MMA gloves look way different than any other type of gloves. These gloves are fingerless and open palm for grappling. You should not use these gloves in boxing and Muay Thai.

Each type of gloves has a unique specialty. And the cost also differs from glove to glove. Depending on the type of training and sports you should choose your gloves. 


When you buy a pair of gloves, always keep safety as your top priority. Breaking your hands will cause you more than a pair of gloves. You’ll have to buy a pair of gloves once every 9 months or once every year. But if you break your hand, it would never be the same again. 

Take little time, do your research, invest a little more and buy top tier gloves if possible. If your budget is really low, settle with mid-tier gloves but it is advisable not to go lower than that. 

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