September 4, 2022

How Long do Boxing Gloves Last?

What is the most asked question when buying a product? How long does the product last? Try remembering your last shopping day, how did you interact with the salesman? And what questions did you ask? Or what part of the product description appeals to you the most when you try to make an online purchase? 

If you are planning to join martial arts classes, I am sure you want to know how long a pair of gloves last. A pair of gloves last anywhere from 1 to 2 years. But it depends on how often you use it for training, the quality of the gloves, the brand and how you maintain it. 

Most professional fighters change their gloves every 3 to 6 months. If you are already training, you know how much your first pair of gloves mean to you. Be it first love or first pair of gloves, first things are always beautiful memories. 

For those who are new to Martial arts, you might not know that Muay Thai gloves and MMA gloves wear out soon. These two games have the highest intensity in martial arts. 

It doesn’t matter how much you love your first pair of gloves, they will give up on you one day. So don’t get too attached to your gloves. In a world where there is no value for true love, expecting your gloves to be with you forever is a pretty high expectation.

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When to Say Goodbye to Your Gloves

With lots of training, your gloves will wear out over time. Nothing in the world lasts forever, not even you. If you use Velcro gloves, your gloves will start losing its stickiness. And what can be more frustrating than seeing your gloves flying out often in the middle of the training sessions? 

It’s best to invest in a new pair of gloves instead of getting frustrated. Here are some breakup signs of boxing gloves

1. It stinks

This is the first sign you will get from your gloves. Before it tears, it will start to smell. You can still extend the life of your gloves, if you clean it with natural cleaning spray and dry it out in the sun every day after the training sessions. 

But over time the sweat from your hands will find it way deeper into the gloves. With each training session, you sweat and some amount of sweat penetrates a little deeper. After a month or two it will start smelling if you don’t clean it every day. 

Sweat is an acid released from our body. It will weaken the inner parts of the gloves. And in 6 to 9 months you will see holes and torn. So if your gloves stink regardless of how much you clean it, it’s time to change your gloves. 

2. Hole and Tears 

If you see some holes over a period of 3 months or less, you don’t have to change your gloves, it’s just the cosmetic wearing out. But if you see some padding deformation you should change it as soon as possible. It will not only scratch you but you will scratch your sparring partner too. 

You should change your gloves if the padding is coming out regardless of how long you have used it. If you see the padding getting out sooner than you expected, understand your gloves is low-quality. 

The gloves also start padding if used for a long period of time, whatever may be the reason for padding, be it cosmetic wear out or long term use.  If you see your gloves are padding, just change it. 

I have mentioned Velcro stickiness before. If you have velcro gloves and if the stickiness is losing its grip, this is another sign that you should change your gloves. 

How to Choose the Right Gloves?

Understanding gloves will help you choose the right gloves. It’s always a good idea to do your homework instead of regretting later on. How do you know which pair of gloves are right for you? 

If you are thinking of using the gym gloves, you can use that too. That’s not a bad idea. But if you can afford to buy, get a new pair of gloves. Only use the gym gloves if you really can’t afford it. But as you are joining the gym I am sure you can afford it. 

The reason why you shouldn’t use gym gloves is that it’s old. It’s a used glove, it will not give enough protection and stinks very bad. It’s always advisable to use a new pair of Muay Thai gloves if you are into Muay Thai or any pair of gloves that fit your training.

When you choose your new gloves. You should keep in mind the following points. 

1. Choose as per Your Sport

Each martial art has its gloves that are compatible with the training. I’m not saying you can’t use MMA gloves for Muay Thai training. You can still use regular gloves but it won’t provide an advantage over your opponents. You can train with it but you will find it hard in the sparring session. 

The best thing to do is to start using recommended gloves for a particular sport. For example, if you are planning to start Muay Thai training use gloves that are specially made for Muay Thai. You can still use the regular boxing gloves but it won’t be as compatible as Muay Thai gloves. 

With Muay Thai gloves you get easy hand movements. And it’s not as rigid as the traditional boxing gloves. Whatever your sport is, always buy gloves made for a particular sport. 

2. The Size of the Glove and Your Weight

There are 5 different sizes of gloves. Depending on your weight you should choose the gloves. Using heavier gloves doesn’t mean you get more advantages. Yes, using heavier gloves will be more protective but it will slow down your movements. 

The gloves can range anywhere from 8oz to 18oz. If you’re a normal weight person you can start with 12 to 14oz gloves.  Using the right gloves not only gives you quicker and easier movements but the gloves last longer. 

Also, if you are a woman, try getting one of women’s gloves, instead of settling for men’s.

When it comes to lace-up vs Velcro. That’s up to you what you prefer. Both have their share of advantages and disadvantages. 

3. The Material Used in the Gloves

As you are reading about gloves, I am sure you are somehow involved in training that has a lot to do with punching and boxing. Or maybe you are planning to enroll your kids in some form of martial arts. 

Whatever might be the reason, when you choose gloves, make sure its made of up good material. Most people prefer gloves made of genuine leather or microfiber leather. As you’ll be doing lots of tough pads and heavy bag punching you need gloves made of quality material. 

Pure Leather gloves last longer than synthetic leather. There are other options too. Whatever be your choice, always buy gloves that give extra protection to your hands. Also, if you have sweaty hands, get breathable gloves.


It doesn’t matter how costly or how good is your glove material, you will have to change it at some point. Sooner or later the gloves will give up on you and sometimes you’ll have to give up your gloves. 

The longevity of the gloves depends not only on how much you use it but it also depends on how you clean and keep it after your training session. It doesn’t matter how long your gloves last, it’s always a good decision to change your gloves every 6 to 9 months. 

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