September 4, 2022

How are Boxing Gloves Made? Process & Materials

We have been around enough sources to know which are the best boxing gloves on sale today. However, when it comes to making boxing gloves,what we have not traversed just as much is exactly how they are made. Also, how this impacts the choice of an ideal pair of boxing gloves. It is quite likely to find every factory using a different style for making boxing gloves, which makes them different from one another.

Some of the materials used to create the lining of boxing gloves are taffeta, latex and polyvinyl chloride. Cotton Batting is another common padding material.

Boxing gloves make use of these above mentioned products during the manufacturing process. Many aspects of manufacturing boxing gloves have evolved over the years while many still remain the same.

Let us decode the exact way to make boxing gloves. We will also check the manufacturing process to make them. 

Watching a pair of shiny new boxing gloves at a sports store? Get to know how it ended up with the built.

The Outer Skin of a Glove


Probably the reason why you end up choosing a particular pair of gloves, is its material. Typically, the better the material used, the better will be the quality of the glove. The usual materials used to make the outer skin of a boxing glove are cowhide or synthetic leather. Depending on the type of leather used, the overall quality of the gloves will improve.

Most of the high end boxing gloves, make use of tanned and grained leather. This adds a lot of flexibility and stability to the design of the glove.

Few of the cheaper boxing gloves in the market make use of vinyl but they are not worthy for a professional player. Players can use only leather made gloves, owing to regulations at certain games.

The Filler Material Inside a Glove

Naturally, any boxing gloves require a layer of padding within them to protect the player from impact during a fight. From using padding made with cotton, the sports industry has evolved to use other sophisticated ones.

Conventionally, some of the other materials used for this purpose included horse hairs but that is no longer a fad in the industry. Today, most brands make use of different stuffs to layer their product, with a combination of cotton, foam and synthetic materials. The aesthetics of this process have evolved to an extent where manufacturers are able to craft gloves with varying density, in order to enhance their shape and style.

Other parts can be cut separately from the thumb piece.

Sewing Pattern for the Gloves

Here is something very basic about boxing gloves.

Hands are best to process most pairs which gives them the desired shape and style. This is also when any distinguishing features that a brand would like to appear on their product find addition to the pair. This is why, from cutting the fabric for a boxing glove, to stitching and polishing it, to ensure that the desired output is achieved, manual tasks are done.

This is simply done by starting with a pattern for the gloves. The first cut goes to the palm area which forms the closure section for the glove. After this, the design of the knuckle area of the glove which helps in avoiding formation of any creases is made.

After this, attachment is made to the thumb section to the assembled piece, along with the cuff to finish the design of the gloves. In order to allow stuffing inside the gloves, the area of the knuckles is sewn larger initially.

Later, the leather or vinyl material, which covers the gloves go for cutting. A tracing method is used for this purpose, after which, the gloves are cut out using a pair of scissors. Together, the leather and the lining material are cut for each part of the hand and put together for sewing.

The Foam Used to Fill the Gloves

Depending on the brand, the quality of foam used to fill the hand made gloves might differ. This will also impact the overall cost of the gloves. Once the stitching stage is complete, the gloves are turned inside out. Economically sourced foam sheets are cut into the desired shape and then, the layers of padding material are stuffed into the boxing gloves. Depending on the type of the glove being made, a standard thickness of the pair is maintained to ensure that it provides ample safety to the player and also does not fall out of regulations.

Ultimately, sealing at the lining of the gloves to pack the foam material within the glove is made.

Designing a Pair of Boxing Gloves

The design of boxing gloves should be as per certain specifications, not to meet the fancy of any fashionable goals but to ensure that they provide the utility. This is why, the primary design factor that enhances the make of a boxing glove, is its padding. Padding of a glove must be effective enough to absorb the impact of a blow from the opponent. On impact, the more the glove compresses, the higher will be the energy absorbed by it.

However, at the same time, the foam must not compress so much as to become a simple thin layer of foam material. This is why different gloves have different weights. Adding or removing layers of padding within them helps in this. This is why players need to wear a pair of boxing gloves, based on their weight. Otherwise, there would be no soundness to the way blows made by different boxers.

There are some materials which also have the exclusive feature of a memory. Once compression is made to the gloves , it takes time to regain the original shape. This means that while the initial blows might be good to bear, the subsequent blows will fail to. This is also something that is considered while designing a pair of gloves for different players.

To meet the requirements of regulatory systems, consideration of some other design requirements is important.

The Conclusion

While the sport of boxing might have evolved and changed in many ways in the past few years, little has happened to change the shape of the tool! Since ages, the design of boxing gloves has been made as per fighting requirements. Boxing Gloves are still made with the same notion today.

There was a time when the first few boxing gloves were made with leather mitts and had no padding to them. Today, gloves have padding around them. It differs from brand to brand but apart from this, not much has changed for boxing gloves and their design over the years.

Over the years, boxing gloves have evolved in only as much sense as their padding material, which adds resilience to the gloves. Most countries today have strict norms regarding the game and the manner in which players should make use of boxing gloves. 

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