September 4, 2022

5 Deadliest Martial Arts Ever Created

As we know quite well, martial arts are a sequence of defence techniques. The arts have evolved over the years and organized into a number of sports. Today, martial arts find application in a variety of law and military enforcement. Schools all over the world today teach these martial arts. 

While some draw entertainment from the performance of the arts, others find them a symbol of cultural heritage. Given all the facts about these arts, one stands true as ever. The martial arts continue to be one of the deadliest self defense systems today.

Have you ever wondered which is the most deadly one out of them?

Let us take you through the top 5 deadly martial arts of all times. Maybe you would want to train yourself in one of them soon after.

Top 5 Deadliest Martial Arts

1. Kung Fu

When it comes to hand to hand fighting, there is nothing that beats Kung Fu. The martial arts originated in China where it was in practice for many years. The art form doubles up as a form of attack as well as self defense.

Imagine the age old Chinese warriors practising this martial arts form in their time.

man practicing kung fu

Only a few happen to know that Kung Fu is in fact an umbrella term for all Chinese martial arts. This is why you may find Kung Fu training stemming from the same punches and kicks. The aim is singular. To impose maximum impact, swift speed and preventable power to strike the enemy are used. 

In the China mainland, monks are strict practitioners of Kung Fu martial arts. They work from early ages to shape their body and mind such that they can tackle the challenges of the duel. You can find a number of renowned Kung Fu experts all over the world. Many of them belong to Chinese land.

2. Krav Maga

This form of martial arts originates from Israel.


It is a known fact that Israel is among a bunch of nations, that has faced endless plundering and conquering over the years. The residing Jews of the cities were subject to hate and criticism more often than not. This is as simple as a reason can be, why the most brutal form of martial arts originated here.

 man and woman practicing krav maga

A Jew named Imrich Lichtenfeld invented the martial art in the 1930’s. He proposed the defence system against the Nazi military. It is said that the art form is so brutal that before the opponent comes to give a reaction on the action, the attacker has fled away.

The art form includes the use of multiple types of strikes, take downs and brutal holds. The art form also includes the use of weapons such as an M16 gun. Along with this, a player is also taught how to quickly snatch the weapon away from the opponent and use it to shoot him down.

The Krav Maga form of the fight is one where the player plays swiftly and runs away at the earliest. This is one of the most dangerous forms of martial arts.

Here’s a list of martial arts that is easy to learn, in case you just want to protect yourself.

3. Eskrima

Another unique form of martial arts is Eskrima. The style originated in the Philippines. The martial art uses small wooden sticks to duel with an opponent and defeat him. You would not believe it but initially, the Filipinos simply used this technique to fight among themselves. It was quite late that they started using it on foreigners.

escrima instructor and student practice stick fight choke techniques

Action wise, the martial arts include a variety of strikes, grapples, and moves that can disarm your opponent swiftly. Players can use sticks, bare hands and even knives to duel their way out of a fight. After all, the martial art form runs with the philosophy of murdering the opponent if that is what it took.

Eskrima is in practise at gyms with full protective gear, as well as in fighting pits, where the players are not as secure. One of the famous examples of this martial arts form is Ferdinand Magellan, who was a renowned explorer. He was killed quite brutally, causing the authorities to ban the use of the art.

Want to know how to easily choke someone out? Here.

4. Silat

This art form originates in Malaysia, which has quite a reputation for being a brutal land. A lot of this can be contributed to the constant overtaking attempts which were made on the country in the past. It might not be wrong to say that the Malay ancestors invented this fighting form in response.

The purpose behind the development of martial arts has a lot to say about its techniques. Quick lightning fast attacks and swift movements define the fighting form. The algorithm points towards moving at the opponent as quickly as possible. The target aims to beat the opponent swiftly within 10 seconds or less.

There is little scope for fighting fair in this martial art form. Players usually fight dirty and exploit any weakness of the opponent that they come across. The seriousness of this is clear from the fact that even nut shots are permitted in this case.

At present, students in Malaysia learn Silat at schools. Here, they are made to break bricks on the ribs of a person. Further, they are used to bending iron bars around the neck of the opponent. They do this training while also taking it in return from another player. This helps them build a tolerance to the pain that it can inflict on you.

If you happen to watch Silat in action, you might find it hard to follow exactly what happens. Before you even know it, a player might be on the floor, his ribcage crushed by the opponent. 

Word has it that there is a player in Malaysia, who spent three years in a cave in pitch blackness. Here, he learnt how to rip apart his enemies with bare hands.

5. Muay Thai

As the name suggests, the martial arts originates from Thailand. Muay Thai seems to have born out of a simple aim to punch the opponent. Muay Thai includes attacking the knees and elbows of the opponent and slamming him as hard as possible.

One of the most prominent terms used in the case of Muay Thai is ‘throwing buffalo punch’. Today, the art form in Thailand is under regulation as a form of sport and entertainment as well. Conventionally, Muay Thai fighters used ropes around their hands to inflict damage on their opponent. Sometimes, it would leave deep cuts on the players and cause serious damage to the opponent.

Later on, many special Muay Thai boxing gloves came in the picture. They reduced the extent of damage caused by the players to some extent. Today, Muay Thai is easily confused with boxing by many players but the two are quite different in reality.

The Conclusion

These are among the top deadliest forms of martial arts which exist in the world today. Apart from these, there are yet others who can inflict major damage to the fighting players. These include Sambo, MCMAP, Vale Tudo, Pugilism and more. Do you know of any other forms of martial arts that you know about?

Do share your thoughts and comments in the box below and let us know about them.

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