September 4, 2022

How Long Does it take to Choke Someone Out?

When it comes to choking someone during a fight, a player has access to a number of techniques. During a fight, you can find yourself at either side, when a straining choke is being delivered. In contrast to a joint lock, choking techniques are wider in variety. At the same time, there is nothing to deny their effectiveness each time.

How long exactly would it take to choke someone out? To be quite blunt, some bit of it depends on the application and effectiveness of the choke. Normally, it should take around 10 seconds to choke someone out, when performed cleanly. Then again, the type of choke can drastically increase this time as well.

Let us make the whole subject easier for you to understand. Read below about different choking scenarios and ways to perform it.

How To Choke Your Opponent To Death?

From a fighting perspective, this is something you may want to avoid. However, rarely in a life threatening situation, you must also know how to choke someone to death. This is when you can use an air choke to make your opponent go down on his knees.

person tries to release out of strangling

In comparison, an air choke is much more painful and dangerous. At the same time, it is not something that you should use to try and make your opponent unconscious. The attack usually comes from the front of the neck in this neck. A player should apply intense pressure at the area near the trachea which happens to be quite delicate.

This will render the opponent unable to breathe, resulting in unconsciousness. However, it takes longer than a blood choke to get someone unconscious using an air choke. The manner of the impact that a person is likely to feel upon being choked this way, is what makes it more painful.

Let us understand how an air choke works.

A ton of intense pressure is applied at the trachea and larynx. Located at the front section of the throat, the voice box and wind pipe can pose an imminent danger when crushed ruthlessly.

In seconds, counting less than a hundred, you could potentially end up killing your opponent with the continued administration of an air choke.

Do you of another way to choke your opponent to death?

Try the blood choke! Strangulating your opponent by compressing his carotid arteries can cause hypoxic stress in the brain. While it is quite simple to make someone go unconscious using a blood choke, injury and death are also quite possible.

This happens when the arteries remain blocked for a span of twenty seconds or more. As compared to an air choke, it needs lesser physical strength and is also less painful.

How To Choke Your Opponent to Unconsciousness?

When fighting in combat for training or competition purpose, you may not really want to ‘choke’ the life out of your opponent. Why? You may practically end up in jail for doing that.

To gain control of your opponent or make him surrender, strangling is certainly a required strategy. So essentially, when trying to make your opponent go unconscious, you may want to engage in a choke for a shorter time.

judo fighter choking out a fighter

Your first choice to achieve this task must be a blood choke. This involves attacking the side of the neck of your opponent. As a result of this compression, the surrounding arteries and veins will be impacted. Since their job is to circulate the blood to and fro the brain, they will be blacked out in no time.

All you may need are ten easy seconds, within which, your opponent is likely to go down. This clean attack is relatively painless and involves much less physical strength from the attacker.

If you try using an air choke, on the contrary, you may find that it takes longer for your opponent to go unconscious. This is mainly because it is quite easy for someone to hold their breath for a minimum of 30-40 seconds. Take note that it is far more lethal and ideally, should not be used during a competitive fighting scenario.

How Long would You Stay Out After Being Unconscious?

It really depends on the type of choking technique that you have used.

In the case of a blood choke, you can come out almost instantly. This happens as soon as the blood rushes back to your head. You may easily open your eyes within the second but your brain might need another five to reboot. This might give you the feeling of haziness and disorientation but you will be back to normal in a few minutes.

As with the case of an air choke, things are a bit different. It can take longer for someone to get out of it, provided you haven’t inflicted enough injury to put them on the path of death.

women being strangled

Which One is Better For Combat?

From a training perspective, definitely go for a blood choke. It is safe, effective and inflicts the least damage to your opponent in terms of serious injury. Air Choke barely permitted across too many martial arts as it is since it can be ruthlessly lethal.

There are many types of chokes which can be used by a player for combat. This includes the Anaconda choke, gogoplata, Push choke, arm triangle choke and Rear naked choke.

Even a master of all martial arts should work his way around a choke. It is really a powerful move that can put you at a major disadvantage in no time.


By now, you must have understood how chokes work and which one you ought to use during a fight. Some of the famous martial arts which make use of the blood choke is the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Other forms of martial arts have placed their own restrictions on the use of chokeholds.

Even MMA fights make use of chokeholds, seeing them as an effective way to force submission from the opponent.

Have you ever been choked by an opponent?

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