September 4, 2022

Best Women’s Boxing Gloves

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When it comes to female sports, the glass ceiling is just now being cracked. Women have been participating in sports since the beginning of the time. But when it comes to professional sports, women haven’t always been recognized for their talent. The first female athletes were featured in the Olympics only in 1990. 120 years from then, many sports like boxing, which are considered to be masculine, are now developing specialized equipment and techniques for women. 

Women’s boxing is a very popular sport in the 21st century. But for a long time, women have been using equipment made for men. Gloves are a primary example of this, as women used to wear gloves made for men for the longest period of time. Female hands are anatomically different and they require different kinds of gloves. And now that gloves are finally being specially made for women, there are a lot of choices available.

7 Best Boxing gloves for women & Reviews

The quality of boxing gloves depends on several factors such as the stitch, the material, weight, etc.  But the best can only be determined by your specifications. All players are unique and so are their requirements. A lightweight glove may be more important to you than a heavily padded one. So we have collated a list of several gloves with various qualities to help you find the right fit. 

1. Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training gloves

In multiple surveys and reviews, Cleto Reyes Hook and Loop Training gloves have been picked as the most popular boxing gloves for women. The popularity comes with good reason, Cleto Reyes has built a glove which offers fantastic comfort while not compromising the safety one bit. 

These gloves come with a separate thumb to prevent any sprains or injuries and the shape is very thoughtful in terms of covering the female fists. The gloves are made out of goatskin leather which is durable as well as comfortable to wear. Additionally, the gloves also enjoy a water-repellant lining which helps keep your hands dry. Cleto Reyes is one of the few brands that offer the hook and loop closure. This closure helps the players take off and put on the gloves in a convenient fashion. The foam padding in the gloves runs up to 2 inches which is great for securing your fists.

The gloves are very comfortable to wear and have been recommended by many professional boxers. The gloves come in 12,14,16 and 18 oz. You can use these gloves for light sparring as well as end bag, as they are created for multipurpose usage. 


  • Cleto Reyes gloves are heavily padded and offer a high level of comfort and safety. 
  • The gloves come in several colors and don’t stick to the singular pink as many other brands do. 
  • The gloves are made out of goatskin leather and are highly durable. 


  • Cleto Reyes is a premium brand of gloves and is expensive compared to most other brands.

2. Everlast Elite Pro Style Boxing Gloves

Everlast has updated its Pro Style Training gloves and come up with the Everlast Pro Style Elite Boxing Gloves to cater to a wider audience. The new Pro Style Elite Boxing Gloves are a better fit for beginners and offer a very elegant design. The aesthetics of the gloves definitely stand out, as the design has changed to become brighter and sleeker. The colors are lighter than their previous version but it adds to the aesthetic appeal. 

The gloves are made out of synthetic leather and offer great support for women who are just starting out. One of the biggest advantages of these gloves is that they are mesh from the straps right down to the fingers and it offers excellent breathability. The inner material, when new, is a little stiff but it softens with use and offers good comfort. 

The gloves are a one-piece design that essentially optimized the fist placement and allows the natural range of motion without hindering in any manner. The wrist is designed in an hourglass shape which is also reinforced with padding. It stabilizes the wrist and the hand for a comfortable and secure fit. The velcro straps add to the overall fit and are super convenient to take off and put on. The gloves come in various sizes i.e. 8, 10, 12, 14, and 16 oz. 


  • These gloves are very affordable for the padding and design they offer. 
  • The Everlast Pro Style Elite Boxing Gloves are one of the most breathable boxing gloves for women.
  • The gloves offer excellent wrist support. 


  • The gloves are not made for heavy use and might lose their shape over time. 
  • The inner material can feel a bit stiff during initial use. 

3. Ringside Pro Style Boxing Training Gloves

Ringside Boxing gloves are what you call proper boxing gloves. The gloves offer complete protection and are very well designed. Like Cleto Reyes, Ringside gloves also have a thumb slot. Many boxers believe that it is an added effort to take off and put on the gloves with extra thumb slots but the fact of the matter is that extra thumb slots prevent injuries and thumb sprains. 

Ringside gloves have a very convenient design. On the overlay webbing at the bottom of the glove, there is added reinforcing which takes most of the impact of a punch and offers excellent support for heavy usage. Another great feature is the wrist strap which is 4 inches wide and offers strong wrist support. This strap comes with a hook and loop closure which is convenient to operate. However, it might take some time to break into the gloves due to its wide wrist strap. The gloves come in two sizes i.e. Small/Medium and Large/Extra-large and are great for sparring.

The gloves are padded with a molded protective foam which offers much better support than the regular layered foam padding. Ringside makes very durable gloves and they last for a long time if used properly. The synthetic leather is very easy to clean and does not easily accumulate dirt. The fit is designed to ensure that your hand fits in perfectly and you don’t have to fidget when training. 


  • Ringside offers a very good fit for almost all female fist sizes
  • The gloves are pretty durable and are a good companion for sparring matches
  • The prices are very affordable for the quality range. 


  • There is a break-in period involved to get used to the wrist strap. 

4. Sanabul Essential Gel gloves

The Sanabul Essential Gel gloves are a great alternative to Everlast with a few minor differences. These gloves are created with performance-engineered leather, this gives the gloves a very sleek look and the material allows the gloves to stay clean as it doesn’t easily gather dirt. 

The Sanabul Essential Gel gloves are lined with gel-infused foam and it offers great padding as well as shock absorption. Additionally, the gel absorbs heat and maintains a healthy temperature for heavy bouts. The gloves have velcro on the wrists which makes it very easy to take them on and off, and the velcro is reportedly durable. The gloves are great for training, boxing, and kickboxing but they may not be a great pick for sparring. 

The padding in these gloves is a bit more than the others and it offers a generous amount of support for the wrists. It is an especially good choice for those who have a tendency for sweaty palms as the heat absorption in the gel foam keeps the palms dry. 


  • These gloves are very affordable and a great fit for beginners. 
  • The gloves are lined with gel-infused foam which is a great feature.
  • The thumb in the gloves is padded and offers extra security. 


  • The gloves are not made for heavy bag work training and are not as durable as other options.

5. Anthem Athletics Boxing Gloves

Anthem Athletics has made a strong effort to create a near-perfect pair of gloves with the Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II. These gloves are originally created for Muay Thai but that just adds to the versatility of the gloves and they work well for boxing as well. These gloves are quite flexible and are well suited for training, kickboxing, sparring, bag work, and even for competing. 

The gloves have polyurethane foam of triple densities which offers shock absorption along with support and thickness. They come in 12 oz, 14 oz, and 16 oz and several colors to pick from. The Anthem Athletics Stormbringer II is made of buffalo leather which adds to the gloves’ durability and the finish. It is worth noting that there is a break-in period required to get used to the gloves but they eventually mold to the shape of your hands. The velcro closure makes it very convenient to put these on and take them off.


  • The gloves offer pro features at very affordable costs. 
  • They offer a great fit and the padding is extremely secure. 
  • They are long-lasting and multipurpose. 


  • The gloves can be a little snug when breaking in, so there is a break-in period. 

6. The Venum Challenger 2.0

The Venum Challenger 2.0 is a versatile pair of gloves that is ideal for beginners as well as advanced players. These gloves are made out of PU leather which increases the durability of the gloves and enhances the overall experience. These gloves are not specifically made for women but they are well padded and designed so that they are as good a fit for women as they are for men. 

The gloves have an interior mesh that provides a breathable experience for the user. The gloves have an attached thumb slot which makes it safe to throw punches without injuring your thumb. The wrists are secured with a velcro which is easy to take off and to put on. 

The Venum Challenger 2.0 comes in 8,10,12,14, and 16 oz sizes. There are various available colors and are a good custom fit.


  • Venum has a very aesthetically appealing range of equipment and the Challenger 2.0 is no exception. 
  • The gloves are lightweight and yet well-padded.
  • The gloves are quite affordable. 


  • Even though they are versatile, Venum 2.0 is not a great fit for professional players. 

7. RDX Ladies Gel Bag Gloves

The RDX Ladies Gel Bag Gloves are specifically designed for women’s fists and are super comfortable for those who box for fitness purposes. The design is very practical and minimalist which appeals to a lot of women. The gloves are lightweight and weigh 4 oz. Unfortunately, that’s the only available size but the fit is very good and is great for the average woman’s hands. 

The gloves are lined with injection-PU-Moulded multi-layered Gel foam padding. This padding is focused mostly on the front and there isn’t any padding for the thumb. Instead, there is a thumb hole on these gloves. The inner lining is made up of Taffeta, which helps absorb sweat and reduce friction. The gloves are not meant for advanced players and are only good for beginners. 


  • The gel lining offers great padding and is a great fit for fitness purposes. 
  • The RDX Ladies Gel Bag Gloves are lightweight, well designed and specifically made for women.
  • The gloves are quite affordable.


  • There is no padding for the thumb. 
  • There is only one available color and they are not meant for heavy training.  

Considerations to Make while Getting a Women’s Boxing Glove

There’s a whole industry out there dedicated to making women’s boxing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. There are many gloves available to pick from at various price ranges. So the question still remains, which one is right for you?

The short answer is that there is no universal best. A $40 pair of gloves can fit you way better than a $300 pair. It depends on what you need. 

How to know your size?

The first factor when it comes to a good pair of gloves is size. No matter how great a pair is, it will not work for you if it doesn’t fit you well. Well fitted gloves should fit you a little snug on the hands. Boxing gloves usually come in the standard sizes i.e. Small, Medium, and Large. These standard sizes are different for men, women, and children.

If you have never worn boxing gloves before, you need to measure the circumference of your dominant hand just below your knuckles. Most glove manufacturers offer a size guide on their website, which should help you figure out which size fits you the best based on your measurements. 

How to know your weight?

Once you figure out your size, you will have to pick a weight that is comfortable for you. Beginners usually start with a bit heavier gloves, as heavier gloves offer more padding and therefore more protection to the hands. As the skill level improves, professional players opt for lighter gloves to enable better movement. 

4 oz.- 6 oz.

There are very few gloves available in this category like the RDX ladies gloves, and they usually offer little to no padding, especially for the thumb. These gloves are best used for fitness purposes as opposed to professional boxing. 

6 oz.- 8 oz.

Professionals with a very strong skill set use these lightweight gloves for competing in boxing matches. The lightweight gloves offer very little padding but they are great for mobility and if you have the correct technique, they can be very useful in competitions.

10 oz.

The 10 oz gloves are great for intermediate boxers, and beginners who are looking to master their form and technique. These are great for bag and pad work and are often used as all-round training gloves. 

12 oz.

Gloves in 12 oz offer a good amount of padding and therefore are great for sparring. These offer you a secure glove hand and you can simply focus on your technique without worrying about getting injured when sparring with these. 

14 oz.

The 14 oz glove is great for sparring without tiring your arms and all-round training. They offer heavy padding and great knuckle protection. This is a common weight used for endurance training. 

16 oz.

These gloves are recommended only for boxers over 65 kilos. They are great for gym sparring and endurance training. These also prove to be a great pair when hitting heavier bags and trying to improve your stamina. 

How to choose the material?

The material of the gloves is an important factor in their performance. The material can make your experience super comfortable or very irritating. There is a range of available material for the body, inner lining, as well as padding and all the options can be a good fit for you depending on your needs.


Generally speaking, leather is always a good choice for gloves as leather gloves break in quickly and mold to the shape of your hand faster. This gives you an edge in your performance and it is definitely the most durable material for boing gloves. However, it is also the most expensive material, so let us take a look at some other options as well.


Vinyl is a good alternative to leather as it can be cost-effective. It is also very easy to clean as the finish makes it easier. However, Vinyl is not as breathable as leather and can make it very difficult for the moisture to escape from the glove. 


PU is a synthetic fabric made for the express purpose of sports gear. PU is very affordable and very effective in terms of performance. There is no shredding with PU and it is easily cleanable as dirt does not accumulate on its surface easily. However, PU is not nearly as durable as either Vinyl or Leather.

Whichever material you pick, it is important to ensure that the thumb is not attached to the lining and there is a barrier between the padding and your sweat so that the glove lasts longer. 

Types of Gloves 

There are several different types of gloves available, depending on what you want to do and the level you are at. 

Bag Gloves

Beginners start out practicing on punching bags, which require the use of bag gloves, which are heavily padded to reduce wrist and hand injuries. Bag gloves are relatively light, allowing the boxer to master every single type of blow.

Training Gloves

Training gloves are the next level, properly weighted to increase muscle mass.  Depending on your hand size, height, weight and muscle development, you will progress through various weights of gloves.

Sparring Gloves

When you are training for competitions, your trainer will recommend sparring gloves. Much heavier than training or competition gloves, these are designed to make you a stronger boxer.

Competition Gloves 

Part of a boxer’s training regimen is to increase their speed in the ring, and the combination of training with gloves over 18oz but fighting with gloves weighing a mere 8oz can make any fighter swing with blurring speed. Competition gloves weigh very little, giving boxers a massive speed boost.

What to wear under the gloves? 

Regardless of your skill level, wearing hand wraps and tape is vital. They protect your wrists and knuckles, as well as reducing downtime due to injury. Depending on your preferences, there are several different types of wraps available, each with different pros and cons. Reusable cloths, tape and gauze, and elastic bandages are all available as hand wraps and can be used as per your preference. 

Difference between male and female boxing gloves

Female boxing may be new to the block but the gloves have evolved to fit the female hand better in this century and it has offered a respite to female boxers all around the globe. The major differences between women’s and men’s boxing gloves can be categorized into three distinct aspects. 

Hand Size

Women’s hands are anatomically smaller than men’s and it is a big change in the glove design as even the smallest men’s gloves aren’t a good fit for women. 

Materials and closing

The traditional leather and vinyl materials have given way to synthetic materials such as PU which offer better breathability and movement. The newer hook and loop, and velcro closings are also common in women’s gloves.

Glove Weight and Size

The weight of women’s boxing gloves is much lower than men’s boxing gloves. The most common weight category for women’s gloves is 10 oz whereas it is 14 oz for men. Similarly, the sizes for women’s gloves are smaller in terms of circumference and length.


There are a plethora of boxing gloves available for women, both made specifically for them and created for unisex usage. It is important to understand your needs in order to pick the right fit for you. At the end of the day, the right gloves for you are going to be your companion in grueling training and sparring sessions. 

Women’s sporting has come a long way and it is a great time to get into the thick of it right now as we can enjoy several options to pick from. 

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