September 4, 2022

5 Best Water Punching Bags

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When it comes to punching bags, water punching bags are always preferable choices for most trainers. They are ideal for versatility, safety as well as convenience.

Nonetheless, not all products meet the necessary requirements. That’s why we wrote this article to provide you with valuable information on the best water punching bags and a useful buyer’s guide.

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Best Water Punching Bags List

1. Aqua Training Bag – 15 Inch, 75 Pound

Overall, Aqua is still the most reputable water punching bag vendor. Indeed, they are considered to be the first company to bring about a range of water bags entirely loaded with water.

In other words, their products do not have to depend on the mixture of water and other core substances to build bag structure and strike surface density.


Thereby, consumers can fill these punching bags comfortably with normal water in their homes. Their elegant shape and size, in combination with the handicap, allows you to hang them on, take them down, move to other positions effortlessly apart from easy filling and drainage.

This is a light punching bag for excellent speed training. After several weeks using this, you can feel your body move dramatically faster.

Built on durability and reputation, Aqua Training Bag worths every penny they cost! However, if you have a small budget, this item is not an appropriate choice.


  • Durable
  • Convenient use
  • Effective for training speed
  • Well-known brand


  • Being a high-end product costs much!

2. Aqua Training Bag – 21 Inch, 190 Pound

As a heavier pattern of the reviewed Aqua water punching bag above, this one has almost all of the same characteristics as the former.

However, its bigger weight and size means that it is designed for powerful punches. The teardrop shape enables users to perform high hits such as uppercuts or knee strikes.

Furthermore, owing to the robust marine-grade vinyl composition, the bag can bear numerous strong hits. It is even durable enough to be used in fitness centers and endures hundreds of attacks daily.

Hence, we can say that the 15-inch, 75-pound Aqua Training Bags are the best for speed enhancement while the 21-inch, 190-pound models the greatest for gaining strength.

That’s why Aqua products are expensive, and this one is no exception. It is designed to serve professional fighters instead of the majority of punching bag consumers.


  • Long-lasting
  • Handy use
  • Good for power improvement
  • Famous brand


  • Expensive for the brand name.

3. Aqua Bruiser Bag

If what you are seeking is a human-like target, this next item from Aqua is very appropriate for you. Because it mimics the torso, you can fight with it in the most realistic way just as you are fighting with a mature man.

Once this bag is full of water, its weights can reach 160 pounds. It means you can turn it into either a light or a heavy punching bag. In this way, the 2-in-1 bag enables users to practice both multiple speedy attacks and forceful hits.

Regardless of low kicks, this item is perfect for punches, high kicks as well as many other strikes! So it is a bit luxurious but worthy for advanced trainers. For medium users, perhaps there are more suitable choices.


  • Form a human torso for realistic practices.
  • It can be both a light and a heavy punching bag.


  • Not support low kicks.
  • Rather pricey.

4. Everlast HydroStrike Water Bag

This is another bag that allows users to switch between light and speedy attacks and heavily powerful hits. Nonetheless, its capacity is greater than any product in the current market.

Let’s guess how much it can contain? The answer is 100 lbs of liquid! As a result, with such a punching bag and hard training sessions, you can have the most forceful punches.

However, like any other big-size bag, this is obviously quite bulky and heavy for portability. You may meet trouble while struggling to fill it with water, move or hang it, etc.

Thus, we really do not recommend this much as there are many better alternatives for most of us here.


  • Durable construction.
  • Appropriate for training power.
  • 2-year warranty


  • Non-supportive for low kicks.
  • Difficult to fill
  • Bulky

5. Century Hydro core Heavy Bag – A Good Water Punching Bags

As one of the most popular punching bag suppliers, Century offers great water core bags. This Hydro core heavy bag has anchor points at not only the top but also the bottom so you can either let it swing freely or keep it fixed in a position.

Thanks to being unfilled by default, you can cut down on the delivery fee. Plus, the product also comes with a 2-year warranty from the manufacturer.

Nonetheless, it might be extremely challenging for users to load this bag with water due to its bulky size and weird cap. As a result, it is sometimes inconvenient for you to drain the water inside for storage and refill it later.

Besides, its too big size may cause unexpected danger, make it hard to move, hang on or takedown as well as take up a lot of space in your home. And, the price is not budget-friendly, too.

In general, it is not really a recommended choice for those who look for convenient and ergonomic water punching bags at a reasonable price.


  • Ship unfilled
  • Two anchor points
  • Quality guaranteed


  • Difficult to fill and drain
  • Expensive
  • Bulky

Things To Look At To Choose Water Punching Bags


Size is noteworthy in any kind of punching bag, and there is no exception. To pick the right size, you have to consider not only your requirements but also your skill level as well.

Of course, it is always tricky to hit smaller targets that require remarkable precision. As a result, beginners ought to go for huger bags. And vice versa, professional fighters can improve their accuracy with smaller bags.


Sluggish and heavy water bags are more suitable for strong and fixed hits. On the contrary, lighter ones are designed for quicker and versatile attacks.

It is common sense that the heavier your punching bag is, the less swinging it will be when hit. However, this factor is not too strict in terms of water punching bags because you can adjust the amount of water inside them for variable weights.


There are a lot of bag shapes, ranging from the original heavy bag shape, pill shape, ball shape to the torso shape.

Water-filled bags with traditional heavy bag design optimize low kick skills and strength gaining but not so convenient for particular attacks such as knee strikes or uppercuts.

Meanwhile, ball water bags seem to fit speed training and uppercuts, but not low strikes. Pill-shaped bags are nearly similar except for being able to hang lower to the floor, which helps users to perform more styles of hits.

Thanks to their close appearance to humans, torso bags are great for practicing real-life hits. You can perform most attacks in the same way as you are fighting with another man without low kicks.


Needless to say, this element is of top importance.

  • Leather

Genuine leather bags are luxurious items all the time. This expensive material brings about premium comfort and durability that rarely any other materials can.

Of course, it is the top option for any wealthy consumers.

  • Synthetic Leather

Unquestionably, synthetic leather will feel slightly cheaper than the real material, but it is okay. You can enjoy the fine quality with less money. Isn’t that great?

Nonetheless, note that the cheaper your punching bag is, the more poor-quality its kind of artificial leather is.

  • Canvas

Canvas punching bags are among the cheapest choices. Therefore, don’t expect too much, or you will be disappointed.

We must say that it really feels terrible to train with these bags. Unless you are running out of money, don’t pick them.

  • Plastic

This product line is not too popular since not many people love them. They are just not as bad as canvas and have more specialized sizes, but we neither suggest wasting money for them in general.

  • Vinyl

There are often two types of vinyl. The standard vinyl can prevent scratching and is durable enough at a reasonable price. Marine-grade vinyl is the same but has the bonus ability to avoid bacterias for longer use.

  • Rubber

This is an affordable material for water punching bags to hold water effectively and provides the necessary durability. However, rubber punching bags are hard to repair and should not expose to harsh weather.


Before you purchase anything, spend a few minutes researching reputable brands in the market. Some of them are Aqua, Everlast, Century, Ringside, MaxxMMA, etc.


Add-ons are essential though not all vendors include them on delivery. If you really care about them, let’s ask the sellers whether there are any add-ons such as mounting equipment, gloves, filling attachment, or warranty policies.

Final Words

So we have shared with you all the useful information on water punching bags. Hopefully, you can pick the right product that can satisfy your training passion.

Remember our guide and review. Then everything is likely to be okay.

Thanks for reading!

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