September 5, 2022

Best Vegan Boxing Gloves

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Apparently, it is no difficult task to purchase new boxing gloves, right? Not quite.

Not only are there a variety of boxing gloves that you must choose from, but a whole lot of specifications that might put you in a fit about your choice.

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Added to this mayhem is another question! What if you could forego the usual leather boxing gloves and go vegan instead?

For the conscious one’s this is surely a lucrative option.

You could be someone with a strong belief towards a vegan based lifestyle or maybe have another reason to avoid leather altogether. Either way, your choice of the right pair of boxing gloves can be seriously limited due to this, more so, if you do not know where to look for them.  

If you are in search for the best vegan boxing gloves then this guide will come handy for you. We have narrowed down your search for the best brands out there which provide alternatives to leather material gloves.

Want to know about the options we have in mind for you?

5 Best Vegan Boxing Gloves and Reviews


If you are looking for vegan boxing gloves within a $20 to $40 price range, then these training gloves by Sanabul are your best bet. Best suited for beginners as well as entry level professionals, these gloves not only offer the boxer a snug fit, but also protects their hands from the inside.

These gloves are made up of the best quality vegan leather which will last its user for many years to come. These training gloves are made up of a special type of gel, which are not only reliable and long-lasting, but are also used by a lot of gyms and professional boxing trainers.  The gel foam inside each glove tends to absorb the impact from the blow or punch and then disperse that energy to the foam. Additionally, the mesh coating on the outside of the gloves offers your hands the much-needed breathing space while you train, thereby keeping your hands cleaner and dryer. 


  • These gloves offer a great fit. 
  • Made up of great quality gel foam. 
  •  Lightweight and easy to carry around.


  • Some pairs have a bad cloth coating on the outside, which will not last wear and tear.
  • Not good enough for a pro-boxer.

VERDICT: These gloves are great if you are just starting out, however, if you are a pro, you must invest in a pair that is of a better quality. 


These boxing gloves by Venum are a couple of steps ahead from the previous 2.0 gloves. Made up of high-quality synthetic leather, the gloves are priced within the $100 range. The design of the gloves has an improved mesh design as compared to its predecessors. Additionally, these gloves also have an extra moisture-wicking inner lining, which offers better control over heat.

These gloves have also improved on the wrist cuff, which are longer and offer more wrist protection as well as overall stability to the user, along with an extra padding.

Furthermore, these gloves come with a mix of Velcro and lace closure in the wrist area, which offers the user more freedom to choose the kind of gloves they wish to use.  


  • Great for those looking for some gloves that have the feel of traditional leather. 
  • Added padding and wrist protection makes the gloves great for all kinds of users. 
  • Heat protection allows the gloves to stay put. 


  • The price could be something that not many may be able to afford. 
  • Some gloves may be constructed poorly. 

VERDICT: One of the best vegan boxing gloves in the market, with good construction, elongated wrist padding and more stability and protection. 


If you are looking for vegan gloves within a $60 price range, then these gloves by Ringside are the best gloves you could choose for yourself. Ringside is a popular name in this gaming industry, and the gloves by the brand are some of its best produce. These gloves can easily be used not just for boxing, but also for heavy bag work as well as sparring. 

The gloves are made up of good quality synthetic leather and also boast of a nice overall appearance, in addition to being long-lasting and durable. The gloves make use of the IMF padded technology, which is an advance foam padding inside the glove. This offers the user greater protection and increases the endurance levels when used on gaming bags and pads. Additionally, these gloves by Ringside are also very comfortable to equip for the player. They also have a special Velcro strap on the wrist area, which makes it very comfortable and supportive while striking. 


  • Comfortable gloves which offer good protection and stability while boxing. 


  • The IMF padding tends to soften after many uses, which could affect protection. 

VERDICT: Best gloves if you are looking for an evergreen use, since they are stylish, reliable as well as long-lasting. 


These gloves are a great choice if you are trying to find boxing gloves that not only offer a perfect fit, but are also comfortable, that too at a cost-effective price range within $40. Made up of PU leather, these gloves by Trideer can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, they also tend to last the user a long period of time. 

The PU leather also makes the glove resistant to moisture. Moreover, the gloves are lined with cotton and silken lining, which helps to keep the gloves stay put and not slip from your hands. These Pro Grade boxing gloves also use a multi-density type of foam, which absorbs any kind of shocks one might get from a punch or a blow. Its special mesh is made to breathe and your hands will be kept dry at all times. The gloves also have an anatomic hand design, which is made especially for you to be able to have a fit closure. 


  • PU leather makes them durable and functional. 
  • These gloves are non-toxic. 
  • Made for all kinds of fighters, from beginners to professionals. 


  • Not suitable for a long-time use. 
  • The gloves are angled in a wrong manner, which could hurt the user’s hands.

VERDICT: These boxing gloves by Trideer are great if you are looking for a pair that is affordable and can last you for a good period of time. 


Venum is one of the best brands in the entire world when it comes to vegan boxing gloves. They are known for producing their gloves with a synthetic leather known as the “Skintex.” And their Challenger 2.0 boxing gloves are some of their best produce, used all around the world by amateurs and professionals alike. Additionally, they are a great option for a budget within $80. 

Endorsed by many fighters and trainers, the Challenger 2.0 gloves have a polyurethane leather surface. This makes them quite smooth to work with, in addition to providing them endurance from the blows and punches. Moreover, it also makes them resistant to any kind of damage from liquids. The wrist enclosure of the gloves is built with elastic and Velcro, making the gloves fit snugly on your hands without making it uncomfortable. 


  • Great quality and padding. 
  • An excellent pair of gloves, which can come in handy even for sparring and heavy bag work. 
  • Offer great shock absorption. 


  • In some cases, the padding inside the glove can come out after each session. 
  • The padding tends to be uneven in some pair of gloves. 

VERDICT: Given its price, design, durability and efficiency, along with comfort, these gloves are a great way for boxers to try something great without breaking their bank. 


Many people think that buying boxing gloves is an easy feat. All you need to do is find out the pair of gloves that you like, look at their reviews and buy it! As simple as that. 

However, this entire process becomes ten times more difficult if you want to buy vegan gloves, meaning those that aren’t made up of leather. Trying to find vegan boxing gloves can reduce your options quite significantly. But we have found five of the best vegan alternatives to leather boxing gloves which are not only of good quality, but also work quite well. 

These are handpicked options for you, analysed for different features and specifications to ensure that your boxing game becomes stronger.

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