September 4, 2022

21 Best Taekwondo Gifts that Won’t Disappoint

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Do you want to purchase something for someone interested in Taekwondo? Something unique and interesting? And you’ve no idea what to pick? Fear not, because you’ve arrived at the perfect place. Below is a list of 21 ideal products which would undoubtedly bring joy to a Taekwondo practitioner or enthusiast alike:

1. Juvale Taekwondo Kick Pad

These double-sided pads for kickboxing are useful for different martial art forms: Taekwondo, Karate, Muay Thai etc. Be it low or high kicks, speed training or practicing kicking combinations, this is optimum for a variety of pieces of training. It has built-in boards which produce striking sound to give the striker an idea of how accurate and efficient their kick was. 

A great gift for any Taekwondo practitioner, these kick pads are easy to use, durable and quite sturdy. Perfect for punching and kicking techniques and building your reflexes, these kick pads are built to last for a very long time.

2. Tokyodo Taekwondo Uniform Set

This uniform set is of professional quality and fits properly for complete comfort and a wide range of motion. This 3 piece set consists of a Taekwondo uniform top in kimono style, a Taekwondo white belt and Taekwondo uniform pants. Available in two colors (black and white) and several size variants, it’s perfect for any Taekwondo practitioner.

It would serve as a brilliant gift for any Taekwondo student or fighter. Uniforms are an essential part of any martial art form, and it’s going to be very useful to anyone learning Taekwondo.

3. Alomejor Taekwondo Shoes

Having appropriate shoes are a necessity while fighting. These shoes provide are carefully designed in elaborate detail and have ample space so that the shoes are soft and breathable. The rubber soles are thick and non-slippery, which provides one with good flexibility and ease of movement. With multiple sizes, these can be bought according to one’s requirements.

A very useful gift for anyone interested in sports, these are ideal for running, training and fighting. These are light and comfortable which helps during a fight and gives one immense advantage.

4. Milliard Karate Belt Display

Who doesn’t like to display their accomplishments for all to see, eh? One can proudly display their accomplishments in Taekwondo via this wooden display. There are 8 plaques for holding your belts and two ends where you can hang your trophies. Built from real birch plywood, the wooden hue looks beautiful as a backdrop and the product comes with appropriate hardware for installation.

This would be a valuable gift to any martial art student. It can be easily customized using the complimentary sticker pack with plenty of letter stickers as well.

5. Overmont Taekwondo Kicking Shields

An essential accessory in Taekwondo training, these kicking shields are safe for beginners as well. The shield is quite large which means it protects the arm of the practitioners and ensures their safety. It’s very comfortable, user-friendly and the red and black colors give it a strong vibe. It’s pretty durable and lightweight, meaning it can easily be carried for daily training.

An ideal gift for all Taekwondo students, this is suitable for all ages, be it a child or an adult. Big, thick and filled with good quality raw sponge, it absorbs all kind of strikes and kicks without harming the one wearing it, in any way.

6. Taekwondo Gear Equipment Bag

Featuring several compartments, this sports bag has good durability and is built to last long. It has a padded shoulder strap as well as several exterior pockets (all zippered) to hold any additional things. On one side, there’s martial art written in Chinese.

A perfect gift for martial art enthusiasts of any age and gender, this duffel bag can carry all the training equipment easily because of its huge interior size and multiple compartments.

7. Adidas Deluxe Head Gear

Injuries are unfortunately a major part of martial arts. To prevent that, we must take all kind of protective measures we can take. And this premium head gear majorly assists in that. It has protective form padding which absorbs any strikes to the head and keeps you safe during even the most intense of situations. 

A gift which would be cherished by every Taekwondo practitioner, this head gear is lightweight, durable and fits comfortably on any size because of its velcro closure. It’s also recognised by the World Taekwondo Federation.

8. Mooto Korea Taekwondo Wing Jacket Windbreaker Tracksuit

An eye-catching tracksuit, this keeps you safe against chilly winds and light rains. The attractive design is sure to turn eyes around and are bound to receive compliments. These are great for warming up in, before a Taekwondo training, and not just that, can be worn outside on a regular day as well.

This is an ideal gift for Taekwondo practitioners as it’s lightweight and yet effective against the wind. This kind of style is what most of the pro-Taekwondo practitioners wear.

9. Howsbaby Teddy Bear Stuffed Animal with Taekwondo Uniform

This beautiful teddy bear is very soft and cuddly, and because of fine embroidery work, lasts for a long time. As it is filled with 3D PP cotton, it’s very mushy and squeezy. The materials used are eco-friendly and won’t do any harm to skin whatsoever. These are perfect companions for any time of the day, whether to play or nap with.

This is the best gift for kids who’re learning or are interested in Taekwondo. The Taekwondo uniform gives the teddy bear a very cute look and kids would undoubtedly love it.

10. Taekwondo Phone Case

It’s a world of technology. Smartphones are an essential part of our lives. And that is why it’s very necessary to make sure they’re not damaged in any way. This phone case has cellophane cover for protection against scratches or damage of any kind. It comes in different colors and sizes to meet your requirements. It is an environment-friendly product and is designed keeping the consumers in mind.

The stunning design and customisation option means that it works as an amazing gift item. You can gift it to your friends who have an interest in Taekwondo and they are bound to fall in love with it. 

11. Taekwondo Heartbeat Pullover Hoodie

Suitable for day to day wear, this Taekwondo inspired hoodie is made up of cotton and polyester. It has a kangaroo pocket to store small items, and it can be coupled with any lower wear because of its black color. Very soft and lightweight, this is perfect for those times when there’s a slight breeze going on and you want to go out for a walk or a movie without feeling excess heat.

This would be a lovely gift for Taekwondo lovers. It looks very cool, the minimal illustration on the hoodie looks great and it would be loved by one and all.

12. Flag Taekwondo Mask

Times have changed. The world has changed. In less than a year. The whole world is still reeling with a pandemic that affects us all. In this time, when makes have become one of the most essential items, this mask enhances your look and makes you look more stylish. It is hygienic with a 5 layer filter, washable and reusable. It is comfortable to wear for anyone and can be worn throughout the year. It’s also easy for breathing and protects one from pollution, pollen, viruses etc and can be used for any occasion.

The mask would serve as a great gift for anyone remotely interested in Taekwondo. As the masks are a necessity now, everyone requires one and you can never go wrong with this. The philosophies of Taekwondo are written over the mask (self-control, perseverance, indomitable spirit etc).

13. SWIDI Taekwondo Vinyl Record Wall Clock

A stunning and fashionable addition to any room, this wall clock combines nostalgia with a unique, creative style. The hundred year clock technology has been used here so that the clock is accurate at all times. The old vinyl record design emanates the vibes of times gone by and makes any space look perfect.

This would be an amazing gift choice for anyone, Taekwondo or not. The black and white gradient makes it look glamorous and vintage, and it’ll complement the design of any room. 

14. Taekwondo Knowledge Poster Canvas Print

Printed on a cotton canvas of rich quality, the print is done using pigment based inks. This ensures that there’s maximum resistance to fading. Plus, the print is done on a sturdy campus which ensures that the whole canvas print lasts for a long time without any damage whatsoever. The canvas, which is very colourful and vibrant, is wrapped around by a wooden frame.

This can be gifted to anyone interested in the art of Taekwondo. It gives a brief idea of Taekwondo (its techniques, terminologies, belts etc) with illustrations and looks beautiful wherever it’s hanged.

15. Amaonm Creative Vinyl Wall Sticker Sport Taekwondo Wall Decor

Available in four different colors, these wall stickers enhance the look of any room. These are very easy to apply and can be removed easily as well. Made from matte-finish vinyl of good quality, they are non-toxic and environment-friendly. Resistance against pressure, shock and moisture are present which ensures long durability.

It is a lovely gift for Taekwondo lovers especially the younger ages. It can also be used in gyms and studios to give a visually appealing look to a room.

16. Taekwondo Multi-purpose Tote With Taekwondo Belt Handles

A very useful product for anybody in today’s busy world, this bag can be used for multiple purposes. With rollable belts, the bag can be easily carried anywhere without occupying much space. The handle’s made of real martial arts’ belt for a better grip. The bag is quite light in weight and is also waterproof. These are tear-resistant and can hold up heavy items as easily as light ones.

This makes for the perfect gift for someone interested in Taekwondo in any way. It has a child practicing Taekwondo illustration embroidered which gives it a very pretty look and it has two color variations available. Whether to a gym or a shop or for a picnic, the bag is apt for all purposes!

17. Taekwondo Charm Bracelet

Perfect for girls and women of any age who’re practicing Taekwondo, this pretty bracelet is for as an accessory for any and every occasion: whether it’s a party, a picnic or no occasion at all. The black strands give it a handmade look which gives it a unique touch. It’s adjustable from 5 to 7 inches and has a strong clasp to keep it in place.

This is a great option especially if you’re looking for something inexpensive yet beautiful. Be it your student, your girlfriend, your teacher or your daughter: this works for all!

18. TAE-S Taekwondo Black Belt Uniform Miniature Keychain

Perfect for showing one’s accomplishments in Taekwondo, this keychain is available in 8 different colours for 8 different belts. It also has a mini-uniform at the back where one can enter their name, address and phone number. It is made of high-quality rubber and looks great with anything you attach it with, be it keys or bags or something else.

It makes for the perfect gift for children and adults alike, especially for someone who’s recently got promoted in Taekwondo and obtained a new belt. It can be customized by filling out the personal details on the miniature uniform side.

19. A Killing Art: The Untold History of Tae Kwon Do by Alex Gillis

Taekwondo is often associated with a glorious history with ancient dynasties and powerful practitioners. The truth, however, is quite different than the usual hearsay. Lies are often served as history when it comes to Taekwondo. This brilliant book brings to light the origins of Taekwondo and its dark roots: brimming with gangsters, dictators and secret agents, and how it became the world’s most popular martial art form.

This would serve as a perfect gift for Taekwondo lovers and/or practitioners, especially if they are bibliophiles. The book would make one aware of how Taekwondo came to be what it is in the modern world. 

20. Taekwondo: A Path to Excellence by Doug Cook

Taekwondo is a “do” or a way of life and this book shows how so. The reader delves into Taekwondo’s history, explores what it is like to be a Taekwondo practitioner, what it signifies, and shows everything that Taekwondo has to offer to everyone. It shows the philosophical aspects of this martial art form, something oft-neglected in this competitive world. Apart from that, the author also shares his own experiences with this way of life.

This book serves as an important guide of what this martial art form stands for and what its values and philosophies are. And that is precisely why it’s a great gift for any Taekwondo practitioner or even someone who has curiosity towards this martial art.

21. Ultimate Flexibility: A Complete Guide to Stretching for Martial Arts by Sang H. Kim

Illustrated throughout with detailed explanations, Ultimate Flexibility is one book that every fighter must read. Beginning with why stretching is vital, it goes on to look at all the basics of stretching practises to in-depth techniques for different levels and styles of martial art forms. The best methods for beginners, why some techniques should be avoided, how your body works for you in a training: there are many things to know about in this great book! 

Flexibility is important in every aspect of life, more importantly so in martial arts. That is the reason why this book’s very useful for not just Taekwondo practitioners, but anyone and everyone interested in any martial art form. And why this works as an amazing gift.

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