How To Learn Best Self-Defense Hand To Hand Combat

In these times of crisis, we are exposed to threats all the time, whether thieves, rapists or people who want to attack our security, it is important to learn self-defense, and fortunately, we can easily learn defense at home.

From “hand to hand combat” we know that not everyone wants or can afford to go to a specialist in martial arts, so here are some tips to learn online defense.

Learn self-Defense at Home can you really?


Nowadays, with the new technologies and the desire to learn everything very fast and barely, without effort, we are very willing to learn online. And you may come to think that you can learn to fight at home.

From here, we strongly discourage it, since the melee and the experience of many years are needed to teach and review the techniques used. We are firmly convinced that a personal defense system cannot be learned online.

Different is that you are a professional and you lean on videos, either from YouTube or any other platform, or recorded by you, from a seminar that you attended or that you send your teacher or instructor.

Of course, they will only support. Behind all this, there must be a teacher or instructor to correct your mistakes and explain the “why” of the things you are doing.

What do you need to Learn Self-Defense?

  • Internet connection: If you are reading this blog, it is obvious that you already have it.
  • A partner: With a partner, you learn better, because we can do with greater effectiveness the practical application of self-defense.
  • Protective material: If the personal defense is going to be very realistic, we recommend mouth guards, gloves, shin protectors, mattresses. All this guarantees the absence of injuries.
  • You want to overcome fear and practice. You must lose the fear of being beaten and practice if you want to get something

Instructions to Learn Self-Defense

Know your objectives. Choose the modality to practice according to the objectives that you have, it is not the same to simply learn to defend yourself a bit than to want to be an expert in self-defense arts.

Choose a martial art or a mixture of several. Karate focuses on hitting without weapons, judo in keys, focuses on projections, and krav-maga is an Israeli military defense.

According to your objectives you can choose a martial art or another, for example, to neutralize a rapist down the street, you will need to know where to hit and how to defend against attacks from behind, as well as how to defend yourself from weapons, choose a martial art that will teach you to perform it

Use the internet to learn In the YouTube platform you have thousands of videos that will teach you to step by step any martial art you can think of, in other websites you have step by step tutorials, with illustrations and instructions of what you should do.

Go step by step learning a martial art takes years of dedication, be patient and learn first the basics in self-defense, once you master the basics you can continue learning other concepts and get to master the martial art.

For example, it is important to know the positions and hitting areas that learn a very advanced key.

Strengthen your physique there is little point in learning a martial art without a physical endorsement, however much you know, if the attacking person doubles or triples the physical force, you will lose the fight.

There are many exercises that can be done at home and we have a lot of articles on tips to be fit, if you are in shape and combine that with self-defense, nobody can hurt you easily.

Practice the theory is not much, you can see a thousand videos of martial arts but if you do not practice enough you cannot improve or overcome the fear of hitting, get a partner and practice, that if, always with protective equipment such as gloves or mouth guard to avoid injuries.

Avoid the risks

  • Do not walk alone through alleys or lonely streets at night.
  • Do not see your cell phone or iPod or use your headphones in dark and lonely places.
  • Stay in bright, public places and remain attentive and alert to everything around you.
  • If you like to go jogging in the afternoon in parks, do it preferably accompanied.
  • Always shows confidence when walking; It is proven that most attackers target women who show insecurity or little confidence in themselves.
  • Avoid using parking lots late at night; darkness is a great advantage for potential attackers; If this is not possible for you, always carry a flashlight in your bag.
  • When you go to your car, have your keys ready in your hands and open your car as fast as possible. Remember that many women are attacked while they are distracted looking for them in their purses.
  • If you see that someone is following you and you feel in danger, go to a public place with lots of people, well lit and call a friend or relative to go for you.

Tips to learn self-defense

Do not be Conflictive: Many people, who develop great strength, take advantage of it to subjugate others, from here we advise you to only use self-defense to defend yourself in extreme cases, you must respect the physical integrity of innocent people.

Overcome Fear: When you are afraid you are blocked, and that makes you lose a lot of your skills, most people are stronger than they think and if you are afraid you can lose to weaker rivals than you.

Prudence: Although you should not be afraid, you should not be reckless either, if for example, you do not yet know very well how to neutralize knives, it might be better to give your money or belongings than to take a knife and die. Therefore we must be realistic with our defense skills and act according to the situation always without risking our physical integrity.

Pepper Spray: There are certain sprays that are legal and that can be used in case of danger, if it is cast in the eyes of the attacker will leave him blind for a few seconds, enough to flee. That’s right, do not go around throwing it at anyone, since you can get into trouble with justice.

Evolution: Maybe we have a martial arts genius hidden inside us, if you have potential, it is highly recommended that you go to a specialized gym and learn the martial art in depth, to get tapes and compete.

Having a high belt can give you many advantages as points in opposition to police and civil guard. I work as an instructor, easier to work as a security guard or disco keeper. Or it can allow you to develop a career in martial arts combat.

Self-Defense Tips

Go to Classes. If you are in martial arts or combat sports classes, ask your teacher to teach you techniques and keys to self-defense.

Use the Correct Weapons. If you are going to hit to defend yourself, do it with the hardest parts of the body: knees, elbows, and shins.

Women have the sharpest bones than a man, and with these parts of the body, we have more chance of cutting the other.

If you have a blunt or sharp object by hand, it is also valid. Avoid giving circular kicks to the head with the instep, you will hardly do any damage to an attacker.

Measure Distances well. If you are at a long distance, kick it. At a medium distance, you can hit him with knees or fist punches.

At a short distance, even when the aggressor comes at you, use your elbows – the tip of the elbow is very hard, and well used can even cut your opponent’s skin.

It Gives Precise Blows. The areas of the body that you should hit are the chin, the throat, the solar plexus, and the genitals.

A nudge in the face, a knee in the pit of the stomach or in the genitals are blunt blows that can immobilize the opponent for the brief time you need to flee. You do not have to use as much force as you do.

Take Care of your Peripheral Vision. Even if you have dominated your aggressor, you must remain attentive to what is happening around you, because he can be accompanied.

If you see that there is someone else involved in the attack, try to put all the aggressors within your visual field.

Use the Keys of your Car or Home. An excellent movement of self-defense is that you hold your keys in a position of self-defense, that is, that you put the keys between your fingers as if they were a mitten.

It may seem unusual to you, but it will be very useful when you need personal defense against aggression.

Go to the different departments of personal defense of the federations or associations of martial arts. There are many federations, such as wrestling, judo, taekwondo… that have a personal defense department, organizing numerous seminars or courses in which you can perfect and examine yourself as a personal defense instructor.

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