September 4, 2022

Best Muay Thai Shin Guards

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Muay Thai is a combat sport from Thailand, which mainly uses striking and other clinching moves. It is also known as the art of eight limbs due to its use of shins, elbows, fists, and knees. This sport recently gathered huge popularity after the active participation of Thai fighters in international championships and UFC fights. And now, many people are actively practicing Muay Thai as a combat sport and also as a fitness activity. But, you need the best Muay Thai shin guards, especially if you are new in this sport.

Like most other contact sports, Muay Thai also needs body conditioning. It requires you to have a certain level of toughness and fitness if you really want to take this seriously. Most people mainly use Thai pads, heavy bags, and focus mitts for sparring during training. It needs you to strike on heavy bags filled with sand or other material to condition your bones, especially the shinbones. But, you must use shin guards to eliminate the chances of potential injury.

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10 Best Muay Thai Shin Guards & Reviews

There are hundreds of brands that now manufacture Muay Thai shin guards. But, it can be pretty confusing to choose one from them, as there are huge differences in material and quality. So, our in-house team tried and tested hundreds of shin guards before coming up with this unique list of best guards.

1. Essential Hybrid Shin Guards by Sanabul

The all-new essential hybrid shin guards from the house of Sanabul are tested by pro fighters such as Sean O’Malley and Alan Jouban to make them a beast in this segment. This pair, made for the toughest training, comes with a unique hook-and-loop strap that ensures the comfort factor. This gives the smooth performance of a modern MMA guard while ensuring the traditional feel of a Muay Thai guard.  

These guards also feature high-impact protection foam that assures optimal protection during training or sparring. This one-piece foam not only provides a comfortable fit but also absorbs the hardest hit for you so that you can train longer. 

The pair comes with reinforced triple-stitch to give it unmatched longevity. This also guarantees added durability and reinforcement even during the most cumbersome training. Besides, it is quite budget-friendly, which makes it suitable as a value-for-money professional gear.


  1. Perfect balance between tough protection inside and stylish colorful look outside
  2. Comes with ergonomically contoured articulated in-step padding
  3. Always in place, with a customized snug fit


  1. Sock-like feeling that may be a bit uncomfortable for wide feet
  2. A little tighter than usual due to the neoprene material

2. Maya Hide Leather Shin Guards by RDX

The uniquely-designed shin insteps from the house of RDX are manufactured with Maya hide leather that is exceptionally lightweight yet durable. Besides, the plastic and nylon outer shell delivers unparalleled durability. These materials are super sturdy and naturally resistant to wear and tear. In addition, it does not lose shape even after a prolonged period of use. 

These shin guards come with Shell-Shock gel that instantly absorbs even the hardest blow to make it perfect for MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. The ideal combination of the hard outer shell and Supremo-shock foam padding absorbs major blows during training or even in championship matches. It also delivers the best cushioning to ensure comfort factor. 

These guards also have QD-1 sweat-wicking properties that assure maximum ventilation to give you a dry and odor-free environment. It also comes with a quick-EZ hook-and-loop strap that provides a snug yet comfortable fit to provide you with confidence.


  1. Outer shell made of lightweight Nylon and Plastic material
  2. CE Certified and approved by SATRA for highest quality standard
  3. Unique suppressing foam to absorbs the hardest blow and reduce injuries


  1. Available in just black color variant
  2. Will not fit individuals shorter than 5’4″

3. Predator Standup Shinguards by Venum

The Predator Standup shin guards from the house of Venum are made with innovative Skintex leather blend that provides unmatched protection. Besides, the triple-reinforced panels and multi-density foam not only assure better shock absorption but also offer more extended durability. 

The outer shell of this shin guard is made of a premium blend of full-grain buffalo leather and synthetic leather to deliver superior performance. Besides, it is quite a visual treat. UFC champions like Lyoto Machida, Carlos Condit, and Wanderlei Silva are currently using this shin guard during the practice sessions before their fight nights. 

They mainly prefer this guard due to its skintex leather construction that not only delivers extreme comfort but also lasts for a long time. The high-density foam assures sufficient padding across the shin region to absorb the hardest blow. It also comes with an elastic closure system and Velcro strap to keep it in the proper place.


  1. Lightweight design for unrestricted mobility and better speed
  2. Comes with large Velcro straps for customized no-slip fit
  3. Doesn’t contain any metal loop as per the competition laws


  1. Comes in just white-black color variant
  2. Strap under the foot that may be a little uncomfortable

4. T3 Muay Thai Shin Guards by Hayabusa

The ergonomically-designed T3 Muay Thai shin guard from the house of Hayabusa is the result of state-of-the-art research and testing. This pair of shin guards is pre-curved and is extremely lightweight yet durable. And, it delivers optimum mobility. 

The contour of this guard perfectly complements the natural curvature of the foot and shin region to provide the best comfort, while assuring maximum protection from the hardest blows. The front panel is made of engineered leather called ‘Vylar’ that is extremely durable. The high-density foam complex absorbs shocks instantly and keeps its shape even while using it for a prolonged period of time. 

It comes with an inner silicon grip and large dual straps that ensure a comfortable yet secure fit. The innovative open-back design of this shin guard assures better air circulation to provide a sweat-free environment. The unique hook-and-loop closure also minimizes any chance of shifting.


  1. Perfect or MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai training and sparring
  2. State-of-the-art craftsmanship for greater durability and resilience
  3. Very flexible and lightweight to ensure optimal mobility


  1. Tricky size selection process
  2. Synthetic leather that doesn’t deliver the same feel as real buffalo leather

5. Essentials Muay Thai Shin Guards by SMAI

The essentials Muay Thai shin guards from the house of SMAI deliver superior performance and allow maximum mobility. Made with premium quality high-grade SMAI, these shin guards not only offer high durability but also provide a chic look with a luxurious matte finish. The carbon fiber leatherette is non-porous and is of the highest quality. 

This pair also comes with a premium injected EVA Foam and Elite85 design, making the whole profile even wider and delivering maximum protection during training and sparring. The EVA foam is pre-molded and has a synthetic casing to make it even more durable and long-lasting. This foam not only absorbs the harshest blows but also significantly reduces the chance of shin fatigue. 

The belly pad is made of meshed material that traps cool air to ensure a sweat-free environment. The pair also comes with a large Velcro closure that provides accurate adjustments and perfect support. Moreover, these shin-guards have an extended side profile for added security.


  1. Comes with reinforced elastic straps for snug and secure fit
  2. A perfect balance of quality and cost-effectiveness
  3. Comes with pre-curved and pre-molded EVA foam for secure fit


  1. Comes in just a single color variant
  2. No XS size variant for kids

6. Muay Thai Shin Guards by Elite Sports

The specially-designed shin guards from the house of Elite Sports are perfect for Muay Thai, MMA, and Kickboxing. These guards are pre-carved, which perfectly complements the natural curvature of the shin. They come with a stretchable strap and a secure closure system that allows a tailored fit without harming the overall comfort factor. 

These sock-style pads ensure a snug fit that is ideal for heavy training and sparring. These are also extremely lightweight and allow sufficient mobility and agility for maximum speed. The pair comes with high-density foam that offers unmatched impact protection on the whole shinbone area. Besides, the covering around instep and foot offers enhanced shock absorption. 

It now comes in four different size variants, making it suitable for both males and females. Moreover, it comes in seven different color variants to go with your outfit. Besides, the materials used in this guard are also completely washable, which assures the easy maintenance of this product.


  1. Completely irritation-free due to its high-quality material
  2. Unique adjustment straps to keep the shin guards in place
  3. Comes in kids and female variants, too


  1. Not suitable for those who don’t like sock-like feeling
  2. Extremely fragile logo that may peel off quite easily

7. Edge Leather Shin Guards by Meister MMA

The revolutionary EDGE shin guards from the house of Meister MMA are the optimum combination of function ability and comfort. This ergonomically designed guard has a natural contour that supports the whole shinbone area. It is made of premium quality cowhide leather that not only assures excellent durability but also provides a luxurious look and feel. 

The high-density impact foam on the inner region is great for absorbing the heaviest shocks. This foam also provides a nice and comfortable feel in the whole shin and foot area. This shin guard has good padding in the foot and toe region that assures added safety during training and sparring. It also comes with a 3-foot strap with small rubber dots that provide incredible traction. 

This innovative design not only assures a snug fit but also keeps the guard in the proper place. It comes with two large straps that make it easy to put on or off. Moreover, this shin guard comes with large branding and in attractive black color that perfectly complements your outfit.


  1. Innovative gel-padding for maximum strike absorption
  2. Contoured inside region to perfectly mold to your insteps
  3. Incredibly lightweight, with a weight of less than 10oz per guard


  1. Short-lived orange rubber dots in straps that can rub off easily
  2. Best suited for light sparring and combat training only

8. Extreme Shin Guards by Naja

The specially-developed shin guards from the house of Naja are ideal for Muay Thai, MMA, and Kickboxing. It is the perfect entry-level guard that complements the skills of modern fighters. Made with professional-grade synthetic leather, this guard features the unique Naja high protection technology. 

This high-quality leather also needs no effort to clean, and is completely washable, which makes it easy to maintain. Besides, it helps to maintain an odor-free environment even after a prolonged period of training. This guard comes with custom high-impact foam padding that offers maximum shock absorption for the heaviest blows. 

Besides, it comes with elastic instep straps that not only offer a custom fit but also complements the natural curvature of the shin perfectly. The secure closure system also assures a tailored fit and does not hamper the comfort factor of the guards, thus delivering a great wearing experience. Moreover, the unique look makes it ideal for both males and females.


  1. Comes with high-density foams that offer maximum shock absorption
  2. Complete coverage of the whole foot region, instep, and shins
  3. Extremely lightweight that allows maximum movements and speed


  1. Currently comes in just two sizes to choose from
  2. Comes with strap that’s a little too short for people with wider feet

9. Muay Thai Shin Guards by RIMSports

The unique Muay Thai shin guards from the house of RIMSports are made of premium-quality cotton, complemented by reinforced stitching that can withstand even the harshest blows. It not only provides complete calf support but also stabilizes your muscles. This feature also helps you to protect the whole foot region so that you can hit even the toughest workouts. 

This premium-quality cotton material is also extremely breathable and also allows complete comfort and superior longevity. It comes with high-impact protection foam that absorbs even the toughest strikes to give you confidence. The innovative non-slip design is ideal for providing a snug fit and also to make it ideal for sparring. 

It also comes with a long Velcro Strap that further enhances security. Without any doubt, this product is an example of perfect craftsmanship with modern technologies. Besides, the customer care team of this company is ready to help you anytime you face any problem.


  1. Premium-quality high-performance fabric with moisture-wicking properties
  2. Features a non-slip top to provide a comfortable yet snug fit
  3. Delivers extreme performance for your intensive training sessions


  1. Comes in just a single black color variant
  2. Not suitable for those who like bulky shin pads

10. T3 Kanpeki Shin Guards by Hayabusa

The T3 Kanpeki shin guard from the house of Hayabusa is made of premium quality full-grain leather that is drum-dyed to give it an exclusive look and feel. The leather outer shell is the perfect fusion of modern technology with age-old tradition. It is also quite flexible and pre-curved, which perfectly mimics the natural contour of the shin region to provide unmatched support. 

This ergonomic design also offers maximum shin protection and provides unmatched shock absorption. This low-profile design also eliminates the chances of excess bulk. The inner silicone grip and large dual strap ensure a snug but comfortable fit that also helps the shin guard to stay in place. Besides, these features also minimize the shifting chance of the guard. 

The outer shell is extremely durable and tested to superior strength and unmatched perfection. Besides, it is also wear and tear-resistant. Needless to say, this shin guard is the perfect example of sophistication and class without the feel of excessive bulk in the whole shinbone area. As a result, you can spend long hours of fights and practice sessions.


  1. Ensures a comfortable yet secure fit that’s ideal for striking or blocking
  2. Extreme flexibility and light weight to ensure maximum mobility
  3. Helps train harder and longer for optimum performance delivery


  1. Available in just natural leather brown-colored variant
  2. A little costlier than regular synthetic shin pads

Types of Muay Thai Shin Guards

There are mainly two types of shin guards that are used in combat sports like Muay Thai. The first type, i.e., the traditional leather shin guard, has bulk padding in the shin region and also on the foot. It delivers maximum protection even if you encounter a heavy blow of shin or elbow. Besides, it protects the top side of your feet to ensure overall safety. This kind of shin guard is also ideal for heavy training and sparring.

The other type of shin guards that is available in the market is called the sleeve or sock-type shin guard. You need to wear them like socks, although these are quite bulky. However, it typically has much less padding than the traditional shin guards. These guards are designed to allow minimum movement so that it stays in place.

Size & Weight Guide

There are mainly four sizes of shin guards typically available in the market Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L), and X-Large (XL). 

Size S is perfect for anyone of less than 135lbs and is ideal for a calf circumference from 12.5-15.5 inches and a length of 15.5 inches. But, if you have a bodyweight of around 136-160lbs, go foe size M. It fits anyone with a calf circumference of 13.5-16.5 inches, and it has a length of 16.5 inches.

Now, if you have a bodyweight between 161lbs and 215lbs, then you should go for size L. It is ideal for a calf circumference of 15-17.5 inches, and it has a length of 17 inches. And, if you have a bodyweight of more than 216lbs, then you need to go for size XL that has a length of around 17.5inches. Besides, this size is ideal for the calf circumference between 16 to 16 inches. 

The above are ideal for adults. However, if you are looking for a shin guard for kids, then you should go for a size XS.


You have already received the reviews of the best shin guards for Muay Thai, as well as the detailed guidelines for buying the perfect ones for you. Still confused? Here’s a list of the commonly asked questions that might help to solve all your queries –

Do I need shin guards for Muay Thai?

Yes, it is one of the essential gears of Muay Thai, along with gloves. It will not only help you to train properly without any injury but will also give you the confidence to hit harder. Besides, it will eliminate the chance of fatigue in the shin and ankle region.

How should Muay Thai shin guards fit?

The top end of the shin guard should stop just below the knee cap. Or else, you’ll feel a little uncomfortable when folding your leg. Besides, the shin guard should cover your toe area to give you complete protection while fighting and practicing.

What is the best way to find the right size of shin guards?

We have already listed a proper size guard to choose the right size. Besides referring to that, you should consult the size guide of that particular brand to get a custom fit. You must remember that a shin guard that is too big or too small can restrict your optimum performance.

Are shin guards supposed to be tight?

No, the shin guard should fit snugly and also assure excellent comfort. Besides, it should cover the whole shin area, from right below your knee cap all the way down to the toe. 


While choosing a shin guard for your Muay Thai fight and practice sessions, you should mainly concentrate on how much protection it is giving you against heavy blows without restricting your mobility. You shouldn’t buy a bulky guard that makes your feet heavy and slows you down. It shouldn’t be too light either, as it will then fail to withstand the hard hit. Besides, it is also advisable to consult with your trainer before going for a particular size or weight.

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