September 4, 2022

Best Martial Arts for Street Fight

You’re walking on a corner of a street. It’s a gloomy day, and you’re enjoying it. As you try to cross the road, you see three guys beating up one innocent teenager. You ignore them and try to pass by hoping not to get into trouble.

As you walk by them, keeping your head low. One guy from the group stops you. He mocks you by making funny gestures. He saw your phone in your hand. He said, “Give me your phone and money purse?”

What will you do in this situation? You have two options, either you give up your belongings or fight. If you think of fighting, is there a probability that you will knock down each one of them?

If you’re a martial artist, you can knock them down. But if you’re not, you’re in trouble. Now, that’s where martial arts come into play. The world is a chaos bee-hive; you can’t predict what will happen in another 15 minutes.

Martial arts are not only useful for street fighting. But it is also a great way to learn self-defense, self-discipline, and lifesaver.

Here are 5 best martial arts for a street fight.

1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ)

brazilian jitsu fighters

BJJ is the best martial arts you can learn for a street fight. The whole point of BJJ is grappling. If you get yourself into a street fight, I am sure you don’t want to make it fatal and end up behind bars. If you can end the battle with a grappling, joints lock or chokeholds, why bother hurting?

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is self-defense and combat martial art that focus on grappling—this fighting art stresses on choke and lock submission techniques done from the ground. While learning BJJ, you’ll notice some judo elements and throws from wrestling and sambo. 

Good things about BJJ:

  • It’s a martial art that sharpens your mind. Most people in a street fight lose control of their minds. They panic and don’t know what move to make. BJJ will not only keep you calm in such a situation, but you will be conscious about what next move to make. 
  • BJJ is the best MAA base. If you want to join MMA, start with BJJ. It will make your base rock solid. Mixed martial arts is also one of the best street fight martial arts.
  • BJJ is one of the best work out. Who do you think will win a fight? A person who work-out daily or a person who doesn’t work out at all. The answer is obvious, the person who works out.

Why is BJJ the best street fight art? Because it works against strikers. Sometimes self-defense is not enough. It would help if you struck your opponent too. That’s where Muay Thai comes in. The combination of BJJ and Muay Thai will make you a deadly fighting machine.

2. Muay Thai

We also know Muay Thai as the “art of eight limbs”. It came from Muay Boran martial arts. It’s one of the most destructive martial arts that use punches, kicks, elbows, knee strikes, shins and clinch using the eight-point of contact.

Thai military still uses this technique to fight. Though Muay Thai martial arts started in the 18th century, it only gained popularity in the late 20th century.

Muay Thai possesses an athletic quality, unlike the rest of the Martial arts. It puts a lot of stress on your cardiopulmonary systems which improve your cardiovascular performance. While learning Muay Thai, you will be using your legs a lot, and you will be doubling your leg strength.

On top of that, it’s a great stress reliever. Strengthen your core and increase your hip mobility.

Here is a list of Muay Thai Technique

  • Punches – Cross punches, jab, hook, uppercut, back fist, and superman punch.
  • Kicks – Kicks training involves many kicking techniques—Sidekick, teep kicks, round kick, etc.
  • Elbows – Uppercut elbow strike, downward elbow strike, spinning elbow strike, slashing elbow strike, horizontal elbow strike.
  • Knees – Side knee, jumping knee, flying knee, swing knee, straight knee, switch knee, diagonal knee.

You can use this fighting technique against many opponents. With the use of teep kicks, you can keep your opponent away and charge them with knees and elbow when you get a chance to attack.

3. Kali

The combination of BJJ and Muay Thai can be a valid street fighting technique. But, what will you do if the three guys on the corner of the street are arm with weapons? You could use BJJ for self-defense, but it won’t help as much as Kali martial arts will do.

Kali, which is also known as arnis or escrima, originated from Filipino Martial Arts (FMA). This fighting technique has elements from both eastern and western martial arts. It’s a weapon-based fighting technique used by the military in the Philippines.

There is a lot of difference between fighting armed and unarmed. Whether your opponent is a martial artist or not, it would be a foolish move to make if your opponent has a weapon unless you know some arm self-defense and fighting technique.

FMA has over 35 different fighting styles. Each training method differs depending on the weapon. 

  • For stick training, you will learn stick fighting, double stick fighting, hammer, bat and crowbar or lever.
  • They also have palm stick training that deals with wrench, pen, and flashlight.
  • Knife fight training includes knives, broken bottles, and scissors.
  • Kali also has different training methods for a weapon such as cycle chains and pet leash.
  • The sword fighting technique includes swords, machete, blade, and sickle.
  • Projectile training includes guns, pepper spray, and rocks.
  • Kali fighting technique also trains empty hands fight.

Kali fighting technique does not only deal with weapon fight. Among the 35 fighting styles, you will also learn how to defend and fight your armed opponents while you are with no weapons.

4. Boxing

Kali, BJJ, and Muay Thai are perfect martial arts for street fighting. But what does boxing have to do with street fighting? Boxing is also one useful street-fighting skill. Do you know? One punch of a boxer can make you unconscious.

Boxing is a dangerous game if you fight without gloves. Imagine you have a boxing skill and you are in an open street with those three guys ready to fight. Don’t you think you can knock them down with one punch each?
The advantage of boxing is you know how to punch and where to punch on a face. Boxer hands are massive, and one knock can be fatal if hit on sensitive parts.

Boxers are fighters. Every person who has boxing skills knows what a fight looks and feels. In his/her training session, they have a meeting where they have to compete with another student. Every boxer knows how to fight and avoid punch on their face.

Pain, shock, and hard-hit are not new to boxers. They have been through pain and trauma in their training session. So, how hard can a random amateur street fighter hurt them?

Most of the street fights involve punches. A trained boxer never fears punches; he/she can survive blows from their opponents. But a random street fighter won’t withstand a boxer knocks.

In most cases, street attackers are no progressive fighters. They don’t have any fighting skills. They are either junkies, drunk men or a person who thinks they can fight way better than they can. So boxing or any martial training will help.

5. MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

MMA, which is also known as “Cage fight” is also one of the best street fight martial arts. The one reason why MMA is best for a street fight is because of its versatility. With this skill, you will become an all-round fighter.

When you enrol for MMA training, keep in mind you won’t be training in one specific style. You will learn a combination of skills from wrestling, boxing, martial arts, and combat arts. You will also learn different striking, grappling, locking and self-defense techniques.

No doubt, mixed martial arts is one of the best martial arts. But the rules on the cage and street are not the same. If you are in a one-on-one fight, you have a chance of winning the battle. But if you are fighting against a gang, you will need all the martial arts skills mentioned above. 

“Remember, the only rule in street fights is no rule.”

Here are two genuine reasons why MMA is great for a street fight.

  • The versatility of techniques – MMA gives you lots of fighting skills from all levels of martial and combat arts. The ankle locks, punches, throws, takedown defenses you see on the TV screen is 100% effective.
  • MMA makes you a good fighter – MMA is a testing ground for fighting techniques. The most effective and practical fighter survive. Good fighters are those who know what fighting technique to use at the right time.

The real-life situations are unpredictable, and so is a street fight. The technique on the TV screen will work 100% on the street, but there is no surety that you will win the match. It all depends on the situation, the place where the fight taking place and the number of people you involved. 


The martial arts mentioned above might now work for everybody and every street fight. And it might even take years to learn one martial art fighting technique.

Remember, every martial art is a form of Yoga in a different style. Every martial art preaches self-defense, self-discipline, and physical fitness.

If you are training to take revenge, you are on the wrong track. No martial arts master teaches his/her students to cause a problem in society. Martial art is a great art to learn, but not for the cause of destruction and hatred.

MMA, Kali, Boxing, BJJ, Muay Thai are some of the best martial arts you can learn in your life. It’s not only useful for a street fight but for any situation that needs the skills. Learning these arts will keep you fit, increase your self-discipline and peace of mind.

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