September 4, 2022

Best Boxing Gloves For Heavy Bag

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For boxers, the most important gear is a pair of gloves. During training, as well as on fight nights, what you need is a pair of the best boxing gloves for heavy bag.

But, have you ever wondered why boxers wear gloves? 

Well, since ancient times in Egyptian culture back in 2000 BC, fighters have been using wrist support bands. And, the earliest depiction of something close to gloves can be traced back to 1500 BC in Minoan Crete. So, even our early ancestors knew that it is not wise to start boxing barehanded. 

brown boxing glove for heavy bag

Back then, Greek fighters used to wrap a strip of leather around their hands as protection. And in gladiatorial cestus of ancient Rome, they used to add a piece of metal on the trip to prevent great damage. Modern-day boxing gloves started appearing in the market since the 1890s, making the sport of boxing non-lethal in nature. 

Modern gloves are mainly made of leather-based materials with foam or gel padding. They come with Velcro or lace straps or better stabilization. And now, the International Boxing Association has specified the particular design and characteristic of boxing gloves. Not all of the gloves in the market work well for heavy bags. So, it would help if you had expert advice before you buy a boxing glove for training or fighting.

10 Best Boxing Gloves for Heavy Bags & Reviews

1. Elite Boxing Gloves by Venum

The all-new elite boxing glove from the house of Venum is ideal for heavy bag work, fitness boxing, and mitt works. Made of premium quality Skintex leather, this glove is handcrafted in Thailand to ensure the highest standard. It features triple density foam and reinforced palms that assure unparalleled shock absorption and much better protection than regular gloves. Besides, it comes with strengthened seams to ensure durability. It is available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz variants, and serves the different needs of boxers.  

The long cuffs of this pair of boxing gloves provide excellent protection of your wrist and hand. Besides, it features a long Velcro strap that ensures a tight fit without harming the comfort factor. With its superior build quality and great cushioning, this glove ensures much better shock absorption to give you confidence for a harder punch. It will also give you enough security in your impact areas like knuckles so that you can continue your heavy bag training for a more extended period. Available in a wide range of colors like Black-Gold, Black-Red, Clack-White, Grey, Khaki-Black, Matte-Black, Navy Blue-White, Neo-Orange, Neo-Pink, Neo-Yellow, White-Black, White-Red, White-Gold, and White, it can make you look fashionable while fighting!


  1. Suitable for every user from beginner to advanced levels
  2. Unparalleled shock absorption to protect hands and wrists
  3. Handcrafted in Thailand with embossed Venum logo


  1. No mesh palm for heavy breathability
  2. No rigid wrist support

2. Stormbringer II Leather Boxing Gloves by Anthem Athletics

The Stormbringer II leather boxing gloves from the house of Anthem Athletics are made of full grain genuine buffalo leather. These classic gloves are handcrafted. They are made in small batches to maintain the highest quality standards. This pair features triple-density high-impact foam that ensures sufficient shock absorption even during the heaviest punch. Besides, it comes with large Velcro closure for a comfortable fit. The hand compartment is also spacious enough to ensure an optimized fit. 

Available in weights 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz, these gloves can be used by both men and women with full confidence. Pick any shade from 24KG-Black, Army Tri, Ghost Blue, Ghost Grey, Ghost Orange, Ghost Red, Ghost White, Black-Blue, Black-Green, Black-White, Iconic Tiffany, Iron Oxblood, Line Camo, Black-Marine, Patriot, Platinum-Black, Platinum-Phantom, Prime Black, Prime Blue, Prime Red, Prime White, Stealth Army, Gunmetal, Navy, Vintage, and Viper. It is definitely the perfect combination of style and performance delivered without a huge pinch in your pocket. The premium quality full-grain leather used in this glove is naturally resistant to wear and tear. So, it will deliver much better durability than synthetic gloves available on the market. 


  1. Breathable mesh panel for good ventilation
  2. Comes with reinforced stitching
  3. Designed in the USA to ensure standard


  1. No low-weight variant like 10oz or 8oz
  2. Takes a little time to mold to your hand

3. Boxing Gloves by Hawk Sports

These specially-designed boxing gloves from the house of Hawk Sports is made of premium-quality synthetic leather. Besides, it comes with multi-layered v-impact foam that is also gel-injected to eliminate any chance of injury during heavy bag work. Moreover, this technology also assures much better shock absorption. This pair of gloves also comes with supremo-shock extra-thick foam on the knuckle area of your hand to ensure further protection. You can pick from 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz variants. 

The pinhole palm design of this pair makes it breathable and also increases its hygiene efficiency. It is naturally resistant to bacteria and moisture to eliminate any chance of offensive odors. These gloves are double stitched to ensure enough durability. Besides, the high-quality material used in this glove is perfect for any skin type. And the best thing about it is that this glove comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty to ensure its quality. They are available in two sophisticated shades of Black and White.  


  1. Best suited as heavy-bag training and sparring gloves
  2. Padded block around the wrist-joint area
  3. Comes with hook & loop Velcro strap for easy usage


  1. No vibrant or dual-tone color variant
  2. Not suitable for people allergic to synthetic leather

4. Training Boxing Gloves by Tusingger

The new training gloves from the house of Tusingger are ideal for heavy bag practices and mitt works. This pair is made of premium-quality polyurethane leather that ensures unmatched glove construction and better durability. This glove comes with gel-injected multi-layered foam that provides good shock absorption to eliminate any chance of wrist injury. Besides, the extra-thick foam padding on the knuckle region of this glove offers superior flexibility with added protection. The foam used in this glove is super soft yet extremely durable. 

It features a separate padded block on the wrist-joint area to eliminate any chance of injury. Besides, this glove comes with a large Velcro strap that ensures further wrist protection even during heavy impact. It comes with a pinhole palm that offers better breathability than regular training gloves available on the market. Moreover, this design also eliminates any chance of bad odor. Available in a stylish black color, this pair of gloves has 10oz and 12oz variants. 


  1. High-quality training gloves with extreme durability
  2. Comes with a unique exterior design
  3. Features a buckle-type Velcro strap in the wrist area


  1. Only available in black color
  2. No low or high weight variants like 8oz or 16oz

5. T3 LX Italian Leather Boxing Gloves by Hayabusa

The specially-designed T3 LX Italian Leather Boxing Gloves from the house of Hayabusa are completely handcrafted by talented artisans to deliver a unique performance. Men’s Health Magazine recently named it as the best boxing gloves for its premium material and superior craftsmanship. It is made of full-grain luxurious Italian leather that provides a smooth texture and a timeless feel. The Italian leather look adds a classic touch to the pair. Besides, the leather also delivers a rich aroma that again enhances its beauty.

This glove comes with a splinted foam structure that assures better support in your wrist area and also assures accurate hand alignment during heavy bag workout. It also features dual straps that not only provides adequate support but also assures customized fit. The lace-like comfort of this pair will give you the confidence to deliver your hardest punch on the bag each time you train. Moreover, it ensures much better durability even while heavy-duty use. You’ll have three weight variants to pick from – 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. 


  1. Inner core designed in collaboration with top-tier universities
  2. Luxurious finish and building technique due to expert craftsmanship
  3. Comes with multilayer foam for ultimate knuckle support


  1. Only available in natural leathery brown color
  2. Can be cleaned with a water-dampened washcloth only

6. Training Boxing Gloves by Strapro

The ergonomically-crafted training boxing gloves from the house of Strapro are made of hi-tech PU leather. It comes with Starpro Soft Glory Polyester Fabric, leather palm, and thick-foam padding for unmatched performance. This pair also features a hydra flow mesh in the palm region that assures better breathability. The wide wrist wrap of these gloves also provides better stability for your wrist region so that you get full confidence while throwing your hardest punch.

The multi-density foam used in this glove assures unmatched shock absorption. Moreover, this foam is also anti-seismic in nature and is also completely resistant to chemical corrosion. This pair of glove comes with a full attached thumb that eliminates the chance of any twisting injury. The unique pre-curved ergonomic design perfectly complements the natural bends of the wrist and joints. Available in the classic red color, it has four weight variants, i.e., 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. Besides, this glove comes with a 6-month warranty.


  1. Comes with breathable mesh fabric to keep your hand dry
  2. Perfect for heavy bag and sparring training
  3. Made of completely non-toxic materials


  1. Only available in red color 
  2. No low-weight variant like 8oz

7. Boxing Gloves by Liberlupus

The all-new boxing glove from the house of Liberlupus provides superior performance at entry-level affordability. These gloves, made with superior quality faux leather, are not just extremely durable but are also easy to clean. This pair comes with three-layer foam that provides added protection and better elasticity to give you the confidence to throw hard and powerful punches. These gloves are also specially-designed with natural curves that mimic the bends of our hand. You can pick from among 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz variants.

The unique grip-bar design of this pair assures an unmatched comfort. It also comes with mesh holes that provide better breathability and sufficient ventilation to keep your hands dry. This glove with a hook & loop closure that not only assures added protection in the wrist area but also quite easy to put on and put off. The wide strap also provides better stability in the wrist region to make it suitable for heavy bags. Take your pick from the stylish shades like Black, Black-Golden, Blue-White, Red-White, and White-Golden. Moreover, it comes with a 30-day hassle-free refund policy.


  1. Comes with cool patterns and vivid colors to compliment your outfit
  2. Suitable for all boxers from professionals to beginners
  3. It takes just a few hours to get rid of offensive odor


  1. No lightweight variant like 8oz
  2. Not made of natural leather

8. Glorious Leather Boxing Gloves by Jayefo

The glorious leather boxing gloves from the house of Jayefo are exclusively handmade to assure you an unrivaled fighting experience. With 6oz, 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz variants, there’s something for every fighter. This company uses natural hand mold to maximize the perfect grip of the glove and also to ensure a traditional design. It comes with gel-injected multilayered high-impact foam that assures sufficient cushioning to eliminate the chance of any kind of hand injury. The unique thumb lock also keeps your fingers in the right place to avoid twisting.

This pair features a cool mesh in the palm region, which not only provides better breathability but also eliminates the chance of any bad odor and harmful bacteria. It comes with a double-padded wrist wrap that keeps your wrist in a secured position and also provides the firmest grip. Moreover, these uniquely-designed gloves come with a wide and long Velcro strap that makes them easy to wear and put off. Color variants include Black-Red, Black-Silver, Black-Blue, Black-Green, Black-Orange, Black-Copper, and Black-Pink, for stylish gameplay. 


  1. Wear-and-tear resistant leather construction
  2. Comes durable and waterproof with Thai lining
  3. Experienced customer service to solve any queries 


  1. Can only be cleaned these gloves with wet cloths
  2. No single-color variant

9. Contender 2.0 Boxing Gloves by Venum

The Contender 2.0 boxing gloves from the house of Venum are perfect for all users, be it beginners or advanced. You’ll find them in various weight variants, i.e., 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. It comes with a unique and modern design that enhances its practicality and compactness. This glove is made with high-density injected foam that assures better shock absorption than regular gloves. It is also made of premium-quality semi-leather that is twice more resistant than the fabrics used in general training gloves available on the market.

The wide and large hook and loop enclosure not only assures a comfortable fit but also ensures much better wrist protection. It also comes with a side Velcro strap that further enhances wrist protection. This glove comes with a superior and luxurious finish that immense boost your confidence during training or during fight nights. With better padding and tough fabric, this glove surely gives you the confidence to throw the hardest punch. Plus, the Black on Black, Black-Grey, Black-Gold, Grey-Turquoise, and White-Grey color variants add a chic factor to the sport. 


  1. Assures improved fitting for comfort
  2. Ideal for bag work, striking training, and mitt works
  3. Modern design and chic colors for style and comfornt 


  1. No lightweight variant like 8oz
  2. Not made with natural leather

10. Xlite Black Matte Boxing Gloves by ARD-Champs

The all-new Xlite black matte boxing gloves from the house of ARD-Champs is made of gel-injected multilayer high-impact foam that makes it ideal for heavy bar work. It also makes this pair extremely durable and provides excellent shock absorption. The Thai lining of these gloves is waterproof and ensures a dry environment for the hands. The unique thumb-lock is secure enough to eliminate the chance of any injury due to twisting.

These gloves come with a cooling mesh in the palm region that eliminates the chance of moisture accumulation and prevents in from offensive odors. The double-padded wrist wrap also ensures stability in the joint to provide confidence through heavy punches. It features a wide Velcro strip that further stabilizes the glove while giving a firm fit to the wrist region. These gloves are also very easy to clean and maintain. And, they come in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz weight variants. 


  1. Completely handmade to ensure perfection
  2. Naturally resistant to moisture accumulation
  3. Provides an added layer of protection while training


  1. Only available in the matte black color variant
  2. Can only be washed with a wet cloth without any detergent

Types of boxing gloves

There are now several kinds of boxing gloves available in the market these days that are suitable for specialized requirements. A typical pair of bag gloves is made for all-round performance and is extremely useful for training. Sparring gloves, on the other hand, provide much better protection to you and your partner. These kinds of gloves are mainly used for training purposes with your coach or mentor.

Amateur tournament gloves have some specific criteria and are only restricted to red and blue in color. However, professional gloves are much heavier and sturdier, while abiding by all the other rules of a pair of amateur gloves. 

Besides these typical boxing gloves, there are also several other kinds of gloves available these days like Muay Thai and Mexican gloves. Those are mainly used for kickboxing, MMA, and other kinds of combat sports.

Size & Weight Guide

You need to follow some guidelines while choosing the right pair of gloves for you. There are sizing guides available. But, don’t just rely on them if you are a first-time buyer. Do consult with your coach or training to pick up the right size of your gloves, as it will largely vary on the hand size, rather than the overall bodyweight.

Typically, 8oz gloves are recommended for people with up to 100lbs bodyweight. For up to 120lbs, you can go for a 10oz variant. The 12oz variant is perfect for up to 150lbs bodyweight, and the 14oz variant is perfect fora body weight up to 180lbs. If you weigh above 180lbs, then you should go for the 16oz variant of gloves. 


Do you still have doubts? Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions regarding boxing gloves for heavy bags. 

Is it OK to hit the heavy bag every day, if you’re wearing gloves?

Hitting the heavy bag each day for a long period of time can hurt your hands, even if you’re wearing heavy-duty gloves. It can also harm your overall boxing skills. Boxers generally tend to develop bad habits and bad striking techniques while punching heavy bags each day. So, do consult your trainer.

Do I need boxing gloves for a heavy bag?

You definitely need a pair of gloves, not only just bags but for any kind of boxing activity. This is particularly true if you are a beginner. Heavy bags are literally very heavy and hard that can easily give you hand injuries with a single improper punch. So, always use a good training love for heavy bag workout. 

Can I hit heavy bags without gloves?

No, you can’t. You are just going to be making your hands more prone to injuries if you try training with heavy bags barehanded. And, it’s not just about injuries; practicing barehanded can also put some adverse effects on your boxing techniques.

How long should you work out on a heavy bag?

It is better to restrict your heavy bag session to around 2 times per week, with two sets of 12 minutes. You should take at least 30 seconds of rest between two sets for maximum output. You should also consult your mentors and follow the routine set by your personal trainer.


Before you hit the boxing arena for practice, you definitely need a pair of quality gloves for your safety. The main tool of this sport is your hand which is extremely prone to injuries. So, you need to assure the safety of your wrist and knuckles before you go for a hard punch. So, pick the right pair and make it your friend, right from the point of practicing. This will also prevent the development of bad techniques, and help you grow as a boxer. Just remember not to overdo your sessions, even when you are wearing the best quality gloves. 

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